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Graham Creek Infrastructure Renewal, Canfield Road to Leslie Park

Project Status: 

Project Overview (May 2020)

COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation and the City of Ottawa is committed to protecting people and the community.

The Province of Ontario has allowed certain businesses and workplaces to reopen, including all municipal construction projects, as long as they comply with strict measures for public health and safe operations. In addition to the City’s ongoing work on critical infrastructure projects, we are now able to resume work on other construction projects that were paused due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The City is working closely with the industry and complying with restrictions and recommendations provided by municipal, provincial and federal health officials, as well as the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

The City of Ottawa continues to take precautionary steps to protect members of the public. As an alternative to hosting in-person public information sessions, information is being posted to The City remains committed to keeping the public informed of projects occurring in your neighbourhood.

The City of Ottawa invites you to review and provide comments on the Graham Creek Storm Infrastructure Renewal Project on Graham Creek by May 29, 2020. Information can be submitted by email or by phone to the contact below.

The City has a proactive communications approach. The project team will update you on the project using different methods to communicate including letters and posting information on

What: The proposed work includes the rehabilitation of culverts near Banner Road and Canfield Road. In addition, a section of local storm sewer, currently running through backyards, will be relocated to nearby streets. As part of the project, tree removal will be required, the project team is working with Forestry Services and new trees will be planted as part of the landscaping plans.

Why and Where: The City is renewing the storm infrastructure in Graham Creek to rehabilitate sections of culvert that are in poor structural condition, improve pipe performance to mitigate the risk of flooding, intercept debris transport along the creek, improve public safety, and improve access for operation and maintenance servicing.

The proposed work includes:


    • From Leslie Park to the storm inlet south of Banner Road
    • Sections extending from the north of Canfield Road toward the south, under Canfield Road to Trend Arlington Park

Local storm sewers

    • Currently running through backyards south of Banner Road will be relocated to the City right of way on Keppler Crescent and Parkmount Crescent to make them accessible for maintenance servicing.

When: Construction is planned to begin in fall of 2020 and is expected to be completed in fall 2021. Notifications will be sent to residents prior to the start of construction.

Design completion: June 2020

Construction start: August/September 2020

Construction completion: November 2021

Who: Engineering consulting firm, J.L. Richards and Associates, has been retained by the City to develop a design and provide contract administration services for rehabilitation of storm sewer infrastructure in Graham Creek.

For further information about this project and/or to submit comments on the project, please contact the City project manager:

Max Ross, P.Eng.
Senior Engineer
City of Ottawa
Infrastructure Services
Design and Construction - Municipal
100 Constellation Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613 580-2424, ext. 16011

Online Engagement Opportunity (May 14 to 29, 2020)

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 8:54 am
Last updated: 
Friday, May 15, 2020, 2:06 pm

Dates & Times

Thursday, May 14, 2020, 12:00 am to Friday, May 29, 2020, 12:00 pm


Welcome to the Online Engagement Opportunity for the Graham Creek Storm Infrastructure Renewal Project. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the project and provide input on the planned works. We encourage you to provide your comments.

Project display boards [ 84.7 MB ]

Landscape view 1 [ 7.02 MB ]

Landscape view 2 [ 19.2 MB ]

Key plan for Banner Road [ 6.19 MB ]

Key plan for Canfield Road [ 15.0 MB ]

Should you have any questions regarding the material, or any other aspects of the project, please feel free to reach out to the City Project Manager.

Max Ross, P.Eng.
Senior Engineer
City of Ottawa
Infrastructure Services
Design and Construction - Municipal
100 Constellation Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613 580-2424, ext. 16011