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Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino Expansion Development Applications

Project Status: 

Applicant's Proposal

The City of Ottawa has received Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control applications for a proposed nine-storey hotel and expanded casino.

The Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino, formerly the Rideau Carleton Raceway and Slots, proposes to expand the existing casino by building a 23,687 square metre addition. The development would include a 1,600-seat theatre, new restaurants, a 178-room hotel, and 2,234 parking spaces. Improvements to parking and driveway design will provide new sidewalks, landscaping and circulation routes.

A zoning by-law amendment is required for the location of the proposed hotel, to permit parking in the front yard, to permit four loading spaces and to clarify the intent of the 2018 by-law.

The image shows the main entrance and drop-off area at the Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino. The large Hard Rock guitar sign is visible in the foreground.
This image shows a bird’s eye view of the casino, hotel, racetrack, entrance driveway and parking lot.
This rendering shows the proposed Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino and nine-storey hotel, as seen from the entrance driveway.

To learn more about the Hard Rock Casino Ottawa’s plans for the site, please visit Hard Rock Ottawa.

You may view all of the plans, studies and renderings that the City of Ottawa has received. Visit  and read the application summary and Planning Rationale to learn more about the development applications.

Zoning By-law Amendment: File # D02-02-19-0139

Site Plan Control: File # D07-12-19-0191

City planning approvals

Before the development can proceed, the applicant needs several planning approvals from the City of Ottawa, including a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Approval.

The applications will evolve as Planning Staff work with the applicant on any areas of concern identified in the required technical and public application circulations.

Who will approve the applications?

City Council will make the final decision on the Zoning By-Law amendment application. Should Council approve the proposed amendments, it will pass by-laws and a 20-day appeal period will follow. The Manager of Development Review has delegated authority by Council to approve site plans.

Can the application decisions be appealed?

By providing comments on the Zoning By-law amendment before they are considered by City Council, you have the right to appeal Council’s decision to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. Comments must be submitted in writing to the file lead or in writing or orally to Planning Committee to preserve your appeal rights. Appeals must be filed within 20 days of the date of Council’s written decision and include the reasons for the appeal and the fee. Only the property owner can appeal the Manager’s decision on the site plan application.

Tell us what you think

You can provide comments on the Zoning By-Law Amendment until the Planning Committee meeting. You can provide comments on the Site Plan application until a decision is taken.

To be part of the public engagement process for this application, you may:

  • Email your comments to Allison Hamlin.
  • Phone Allison Hamlin, at 613-580-2424, extension 25477.
  • Submit written comments to Planning Committee.

Please email Allison Hamlin if you would like to be notified of all meeting dates and decisions.


In May 2017, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced that Hard Rock Casino Ottawa was selected as the service provider for the Ottawa area gaming entertainment centre, to be located at the Rideau Carleton Raceway, at 4837 Albion Road. In September 2017, City Council confirmed the Rideau Carleton Raceway as a gaming site and submitted a summary of the process, public input received, and Council’s resolution to the OLG. On May 23, 2018,City Council approved the Zoning By-law amendment proposal for Hard Rock Casino Ottawa’s proposal at 4837 Albion Road and 4910 Bank Street. Hard Rock Casino Ottawa has taken over the operations of the renamed Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino and has opened additional slots and gaming tables within the existing facility.

Related Planning Applications

A Minor Variance (D08-02-17 / A-00293) to increase the number of gaming tables from 21 to 35 was approved in November 2017.

A Zoning By-law Amendment (D02-02-18-0006) was approved in May 2018 to permit a nine-storey hotel and up to 55 gaming tables at the casino.

A severance (D08-01-17 / B-00383, B-00384) to establish separate ownership for the casino by severing the horseracing track, practice track, casino and surface parking areas from the remainder of the lands was approved with conditions in December 2017 and finalized in December 2018.

The Location Map shows the subject site at 4837 Albion Road, located south of Leitrim Road, north of Rideau Road. This is the location of the Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino.

Current Official Plan designation and zoning

The property is designated General Rural Area on Schedule A of the City of Ottawa Official Plan.

The Official Plan, Section 3.6.7, also recognizes the site as a Major Urban Facility by a site-specific policy. Policy 4 of Section 3.6.7 states:

Not with standing the above policies requiring Major Urban Facilities to locate in the urban area, in order to recognize the Rideau Carleton Raceway and Slots facility, located on lands legally described as part of the South Half of Lot 24, Concession 4, Rideau Front, Gloucester, being Parts 5 and 11 on Plan 4R-15731; Parts of lots 23 and 24, Concession 4, Rideau Front, Gloucester, being Part 2 on Plan 4R-15731; and consolidation of various properties: Part of lot 24, Concession 4, Rideau Front, Gloucester, Being parts 3, 4, 6, and 7 on Plan 4R-15731, an exhibition grounds for the viewing of horse racing, gaming premises as defined in the Gaming Control Act and related uses are also permitted in addition to those uses permitted in the General Rural Area designation, in this location;

Section 4.8.6 of the Official Plan includes policies related to land use constraints in the vicinity of the Ottawa International Airport. 4837 Albion Road is within the Airport Vicinity Influence Zone as shown on Schedule K of the Official Plan.

The property is currently zoned Rural Commercial, Subzone 4, Rural Exception 528 with a Schedule for height (RC4[528r] S381 - h, and subject to a holding symbol.

The current RC4 [528r] S381 - h zoning permits a casino, limited to slot machines and 55 gaming tables, as well as a hotel, place of assembly, fairground, sports arena limited to a horse racing track, amusement center limited to a bingo hall, restaurant, and limited retail store. For more information on the zoning see geoOttawa.

For more information

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