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Harthill to Halley Link Multi-Use Pathway

Project Status: 

Harthill to Halley Link Multi-Use Pathway

Figure 1: Project Area

The City of Ottawa has initiated a functional planning report to provide a pedestrian and cycling facility between Halley Road and Harthill pathway (Harthill to Halley Link). This facility is identified in the approved 2015 Council Community Pathways and Connections Strategic Initiative #9.

The purpose of the project is to provide a cycling and pedestrian facility for the local residents wishing to access the Harthill pathway, Strandherd Road or the commercial centre on Strandherd Road.

The functional planning study will review and evaluate alternative design options for the pathway. A recommended functional design concept will be identified based on technical feasibility, affordability and community input. The budget for this project is $195,000

Residents are invited to review the available project information and drawings and provide feedback by September 9, 2016.

Figure 2: Harthill to Halley Link Cross-section

The functional design for the Harthill to Halley Link is a 57 meter long and 3 meter wide multi-use pathway from Halley Street to the Harthill Pathway. There is a rest area existing on the Harthill Pathway at the point where the link meets the pathway. Wayfinding signage has been included in the proposal.

Project Timing and Scope

The project is currently in the functional planning study phase which should be completed by fall 2016. Detailed design will follow, with construction currently anticipated for 2017/2018.

Project Drawing

The plan view of the proposed Harthill to Halley Link can be seen in the provided drawings.

The drawings show a proposed multi-use pathway on lot 19A Halley Street. At the northern project limit, the proposed pathway terminates at Halley Street. There is a pathway stop sign and a bollard at the edge of the road. At the southern project limit, the proposed pathway connects to Harthill Pathway, an existing 3 meter wide asphalt facility in direct alignment with Harthill Way.

The lot 19A Halley Street currently has a stormwater swail running north-south over much of its length. This function will be maintained by regarding the swail towards the west side of the property. Additionally a culvert is proposed to maintain the east west connectivity of the drainage ditch at the south end of the pathway.

The multi-use pathway will be designed in accordance with the City of Ottawa's accessible design standards.

Figure 3: Harthill to Halley Link - Functional Design Plan

For more information or to provide feedback about the project, please contact the City's project manager:

Adam Hortop
Project Manager, Community Connectivity
Transportation Strategic Planning
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue, 4th Floor East
Tel: 613-580-2424 ext. 20234
Fax: 613-580-2578