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New 2 Bay Fire Station #55 at 2283 Portobello Boulevard

Project Status: 

New public art selected

Published September 11, 2018

The artists’ landscape-based piece will be comprised of stone pillars.

Local artist team Alisdair MacRae and Che Wei Lee have been awarded the public art commission for the New 2 Bay Fire Station #55 at 2283 Portobello Boulevard.  

The artists’ landscape-based piece will be comprised of stone pillars. The pillars will pay homage to the firefighters as first responders, commemorating their role within and their service to the community.  The stone pillars will also draw attention to local history, including settlement of the area, geology, and the environment.

The artwork will be installed on the north side of the Fire Station located at 2283 Portobello Boulevard, where the artwork would be visible from the parking lot of the adjacent François Dupuis Recreation Centre. Artwork installation scheduled for summer 2019.

This work and others are commissioned by the Public Art Program. In keeping with Public Art Policy one percent of funds for municipal development projects is set aside for public art to enhance the space and make art accessible to everyone.

For more information about the new public art visit or email

Construction commencement notice (April 2017)

Beginning mid-April 2017 the City of Ottawa will begin construction work in your neighborhood. This work is the construction of a new 2 bay fire station.

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained the Contractor, Morley Hoppner Limited, to complete the work.

Why: The City of Ottawa will be proceeding with this new construction to satisfy fire services requirements in your community.

What: Construction work will involve the site development of 1.6 acres for the new 2 bay fire station in your community.

Where: 2283 Portobello Blvd. will be the new fire station’s address.

When: Construction activities will start mid-April with the installation of temporary hydro power. Main construction activities will follow. Construction is expected to last approximately one year.

The City of Ottawa Noise By-law (2004-253) allows construction activity to occur weekdays between 7 am and 10 pm. Work is also permitted on Saturdays between 7 am and 10 pm.


Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The City makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require special accommodation, please contact the On-Site Inspector or the Contractor’s representative.

On-street parking and traffic

Throughout the limits of the project, the roadway will be open to local traffic only. Localized road closures at the location of excavations for the mainline water and sewer services can be expected throughout the project limits.  To allow the work to be completed in a timely manner, on street parking may be prohibited during the construction period.  Signs will be placed 24 hours in advance indicating the parking prohibition. Vehicles parked at these locations may be towed at the owner’s expenses. Parking fines may also apply.

Construction disruptions

Morley Hoppner Limited is assuming full responsibility for the construction work until it is entirely complete.  They will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to the everyday life of your family and/or operation of your business, but as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the operation of the work, such as delays and traffic detours when travelling through the construction zone, noise, dust and vibration.  We would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Impact on the right-of-way and utilities

The construction is within the City’s property but may result in temporary disruption to part of the Right of Way directly adjacent to the work for roadway utility cuts.  The sanitary sewer laterals will be affected along with the water service only adjacent to the construction site.

Pre-construction survey

You may feel vibrations at your home or business due to the use of the heavy equipment needed to complete this work.  This is quite common and typical observed vibrations are unlikely to cause damage to adjacent structures. The Contractor is required by the City to carry liability insurance before any work may proceed.  You may be asked by the contractor’s agent for permission to survey your property before the work commences, as Contractors typically conduct pre-construction inspections to document existing conditions for their own purposes.  It is to your benefit to allow the inspection to be conducted on your property, as it may assist with establishing the impact, if any, that construction has had at your property after work is complete.  In addition, you may wish to complete your own survey of pre-construction conditions on your property.  Your survey should include photographs. In March 2017, pre-construction inspections of buildings within 30 metres of the construction area took place. Those impacted residents were provided with notification.

Homeowner agreements with the general contractor

Please be advised, that should resident’s enter into a private agreement with the City’s General Contractor, the City will not become involved in any oversight of work or dispute resolution for work done on private property.

Please direct any further comments to the contacts listed below.

Pre-construction inspection notice (March 2017)

Eclipse Crescent
Contract no. CR011376

Beginning next week, the City of Ottawa will conduct pre-construction inspections (condition surveys) of buildings on your street. Pre-construction inspections of buildings are typically limited to residences within 30 metres of the work zone.

The City has committed to conduct these pre-construction inspections to mitigate any potential concerns with respect to the impacts of the construction of the New Ottawa Fire Station #55 at 2283 Portobello Boulevard, Orléans.

Construction on the new fire station is anticipated to start spring/summer of 2017. The City will provide notification to residents in advance of this work starting.

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained the Contractor, Morley Hoppner Limited, to complete the construction of the new fire station and retained DST Consulting Engineers Inc., Ottawa, ON, to conduct the pre-construction inspections of buildings in the area.

Why: The pre-construction inspections are being done to provide documentation in the rare instance it is suspected that construction operations impacted nearby buildings.

What: Condition surveys of buildings will take place to collect existing conditions data. This pre-construction assessment will require access to your home in order to properly assess the interior condition of the building structure

The assessment is optional and there is no cost for the homeowner.

DST Consulting Engineers Inc. will be in contact to confirm with residents their interest in proceeding with the inspection.

When: The pre-construction inspections are scheduled to start early April 2017.

Where: The pre-construction inspection will be offered to homeowners located along the north side of Eclipse Crescent.

For additional information with respect to the pre-construction inspection or if you have any concerns or questions related to the construction of the Fire Station, please contact Ian Craig, listed below

Project information (February 2017)

We’re making changes to serve you better!


Council has approved the construction of a new 2 Bay Fire Station of 1,013 sq. meters on a 1.6 acre site at 2283 Portobello Boulevard to reduce emergency response times in the new growth areas of Orléans-Ottawa.

Location plan

The location plan showing the proposed site at 2283 Portobello Boulevard.

Approved budget

$7.0 million

Project timeline

The preparation of the site and construction will commence Spring 2017 and is expected to be completed by Spring 2018.

As result of this work, there may be minor traffic inconveniences, including some access restrictions on the adjacent roadway. Further notice and information will be provided to the community prior to the commencement of the construction.

The design of the new facility will be energy efficient and of a sustainable design by Barry Hobin & Associates Architects and constructed by Morley Hoppner Ltd.

Artist renderings

Prepared by Barry J Hobin & Associates Architects.

View southeast

The artist’s rendering of the view southeast.

West elevation

The artist’s rendering of the west elevation.

East elevation

The artist’s rendering of the east elevation.

For further information or to provide comments, please contact the City’s project manager listed below.


Ian Craig, Project Manager
OAA Architect
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
Design and Construction - Branch 2
City of Ottawa
100 Constellation Drive, 6 Floor West
Ottawa, ON  K2G 6J8
613-580-2424 ext. 43503

Morley Hoppner Limited
Joe Nalli, B.A. Hon., GSI
Site Superintendent

Barry Hobin Architecture Inc.
Project Architect / Designer
Douglas Brooks
613-238-7200 ext. 104

Emergency and Protective Services Department
Ottawa Fire Services Representative
Nathan Adams
Program Manager, Operational Support Services Branch - Fire
613-580-2424 ext. 23141