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The City of Ottawa launches the Nightlife Economy Strategy to explore opportunities for Ottawa’s Nightlife 

Ottawa is poised to change the nightlife narrative by increasing the dialogue between stakeholders and helping our city grow a more vibrant, diverse, inclusive, viable, safe, and well managed nightlife environment.

As day turns into night, global cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, New York City, and Toronto are gaining a competitive edge by introducing measures to develop their nightlife economies. Mid-sized cities such as Washington and Austin have also implemented actions to support their nightlife.

Cities with vibrant nightlife economies differentiate themselves from other places and enjoy improved job creation, resident and talent attraction, investment attraction, economic growth, tourism, and city brand building. Given that Ottawa’s population has surpassed one million people, now is the time to address the economic opportunities and challenges of Ottawa’s nightlife through a strategy based on the analysis of Ottawa’s current nightlife economy, best practice research and input from stakeholders.

Online engagement opportunity

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Wed, Jan 26 2022, 1:00pm to Sun, Feb 27 2022, 11:45pm

Thank you for your support in helping us to develop Ottawa’s first-ever Nightlife Economy Strategy.

The public engagement period has now closed.

Once updates are available, they will be posted to this page.

Thank you for interest in the development of Ottawa’s Nightlife economy!

For questions regarding Ottawa’s Nightlife Economy Strategy, contact:

Emmanuel Rey
Officer, Economic Development
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department
City of Ottawa