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Official Plan: 2015 employment land review

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During 2015, the City is reviewing its strategy on the amount and location of employment land. Employment land is land reserved in the Official Plan primarily for industry, offices and other employment. A good supply is needed to support the economy and to create complete communities where people can live and work.

Ottawa has a good supply of employment land in the urban and rural area in keeping with Official Plan policies. Some policies have been in place for 20 years or more. During that time, some employment land has not developed as envisioned in the Official Plan. To support the City's investment in light rail, there is an increasing emphasis on intensifying jobs and housing around future rapid transit stations.

Ottawa Employment Land Review Final Report

The Ottawa Employment Land Review Final Report was presented to Planning Committee on Tuesday, September 13. 

The report recommends:

  • The City of Ottawa has an excess supply of vacant Employment Lands over the long-term and as such some lands can be considered for non-Employment uses within the Official Plan
  • Protect vacant employment areas with good highway access
  • Remove the Enterprise Area designation in the Official Plan
  • Clarify Employment Area permissions for ancillary and institutional uses
  • Recognize and plan the city as one community from an employment perspective
  • Reinforce existing rural business parks as the preferred location for rural industrial uses 
  • Clarify permitted use policies within the Employment Areas and General Rural Areas

Ottawa Employment Land Review Final Report - Part 1: Context and Analysis [PDF 15.86 MB]

Ottawa Employment Land Review Final Report - Part 2: Recommendations [PDF 9.77 MB]

Appendix A: Proposed Official Plan Re-designations [PDF 1.55 MB]

Appendix B: Water and Wastewater Servicing Options and Potential Costs for Selected Highway Interchange Areas [PDF 4.41 MB]

Public Meeting - November 22, 2016

Planning Committee

9:30 a.m.
Champlain Room, Heritage Building, 2nd floor
Ottawa City Hall
110 Laurier Avenue West

Contact person

Royce Fu
Planner III, Research & Forecasting
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development 
Tel.: 613-580-2424 ext. 43931