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Ovation Park

Project Status: 


Ovation Park is a new proposed park within the Lilythorne subdivision in Leitrim. The subdivision is located at 4747 and 4755 Bank Street and on part of 4789 Bank Street. A municipal address has not been assigned to the park block yet.

The park block is approximately 0.426 hectares in size and is bounded by Ovation Grove to the north, residential development and Rathburn Lane to the east and south, and Ibanez Walk to the west. Proposed park amenities include a playground with a play structure, a two-bay swing, other playground equipment, a sand play area, and musical hopscotch and piano features with painted lines; an open play space; pathways; site furnishings; and landscape planting.

The community is invited to provide comments on the proposed concept plan and playground equipment, as shown below.

Concept plan [ PDF - 290 KB ]

Concept images [ PDF - 310 KB ]

Please direct any comments regarding the proposed concept plans to the Parks Planner listed below. Comments are requested by November 29, 2019.


Burl Walker, MCIP, RPP
Parks and Facilities Planning
Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424, extension 27891