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Rideau Street and William Street renewal

Project Status: 

Project overview

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Project limits and scope

The City of Ottawa is undertaking the detailed design and construction of a renewed Rideau Street, from Sussex Drive to Dalhousie Street.

The project involves the reconstruction of the streetscape elements and transportation components within the Rideau Street right of way.

This project also includes the renewal of a portion of William Street, between George Street and Rideau Street, which is a pedestrian street.

Off-site work includes repairs/modifications to existing street furnishings in previous phases of construction on Rideau Street and Ogilvy Square.

Public realm and streetscaping design

Rideau Street is an important public space within downtown Ottawa. The design for renewed corridor will:

  • renew the street surface infrastructure
  • increase pedestrian space to serve the needs of the LRT Confederation Line Rideau Station.
  • create a memorable experience for visitors
  • add street greening
  • be flexible and maintainable
  • pursue a balance of functionality and aesthetics
  • create an inviting and accessible place for everyone
  • create a bike friendly infrastructure

The streetscaping strategy for Rideau Street and William Street is reflective of the historic nature of the corridor, but will also incorporate contemporary elements to ensure a timeless design.

The design includes an integrated family of streetscaping elements that are in keeping with the renewed portion of Rideau Street east of Dalhousie. These elements include benches, waste receptacles, pedestrian lighting, bicycle parking, bollards, street trees, special effects (FX) poles, and pavers.

Proposed street furnishings [ PDF - 992 KB ]

LED Street lighting

The proposed LED street and pedestrian lighting for Rideau Street will be functional, efficient, able to reduce light spillage, harmonious with the Rideau-William Street Design Context, and cost-effective to operate.

The selected pedestrian streetlight for Rideau Street provides a distinct element and was used on the previous phases of Rideau Street Renewal.

Bicycle parking

Rack style bicycle parking is proposed to be used along Rideau Street. This is a proven design successfully used within the City of Ottawa.

Benches and waste receptacles

There will be benches and waste receptacles located throughout the corridor at key locations to provide seating opportunities, and to maintain the cleanliness of the corridor. The recommended benches and waste receptacles are shown here. Anti-graffiti coating will be applied to benches and waste receptacles.

Rideau Street proposed design [ PDF - 2.65 MB ] 

William Street proposed design [ PDF - 418 KB ] 

William Street vision [ PDF - 2.80 MB ] 

Project Timeline

  • Construction on Rideau Street from Dalhousie Street to Sussex Drive is expected to commence in early spring 2020 and expected to by the end of 2020.
  • Construction on William Street is expected to commence in September 2020 and expected to be completed in December 2020.

Preliminary construction schedule

Project tendered Winter 2020
Contract award Winter 2020
Construction season Spring 2020 to end of year 2020

Managing detour route impacts

The City’s toolbox to manage traffic on streets during construction includes:

  • general traffic monitoring
  • regulatory signs
  • electronic speed survey signs
  • temporary physical modifications

The City recognizes that during the anticipated road closure of Rideau Street, the temporary detours for buses may impact commutes. The City recognizes challenges during construction and is committed to working with the community to minimize impacts and provide regular updates.

During the proposed OC Transpo bus detour, the City will:

  • provide appropriate notifications and signage to confirm the bus and general traffic detour routes
  • detour buses to Mackenzie King Bridge
  • amended, as required, existing on-street parking permissions and regulations that conflict with bus turning maneuvers at intersections and bus stops will be amended as needed

Residents can reach OC Transpo at 613-741-4390.

The City will continually review all measures put in place during construction to ensure that the detour is working effectively.

Detour route map [ PDF - 496 KB ] 

Detour routes to be confirmed by OC Transpo, City of Ottawa Traffic Management staff, and the contractor prior to construction start.

Accessibility during construction [ PDF - 684 KB ]

  • The contractor undertaking the construction shall prepare a Construction Site Pedestrian Control Plan which will ensure the provision of a safe and accessible path of travel for all pedestrians through and/or around the construction site. The City will monitor accessibility regularly throughout construction.
  • Pedestrian travel routes along Rideau Street and William Street during construction will be fully accessible and winter maintained.
  • A 1.8 metre minimum pedestrian clearway width will be maintained.

Managing construction disruption [ PDF - 432 KB ] 

The construction project activities will have the potential to impact businesses and residents along the corridor and in the surrounding community. The project will:

  • Minimize the time and extent of the construction project's potential negative effects on adjacent businesses, landowners, and the surrounding community.
  • Place a priority on the need to retain transportation accessibility to the Transit station entrances, businesses and other street fronting land uses, including pedestrian accessibility to building fronts and loading opportunities on side streets.
  • Consider a range of environmental mitigation tools such as erosion and sediment control plans, contaminated materials management plans, noise and vibration monitoring, and geotechnical investigations.
  • Construction hours of work are typically 7:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays, however the construction plans for Rideau-William Street are not yet confirmed. Provisions for weekend and evening work may be contemplated.

Work outside of project limits [ PDF - 724 KB ] 

The Rideau Street and William Street project will be impacted with several small-scale projects being undertaken in the vicinity. Some of these are as follows:

  • Downtown Rideau BIA special effects (FX) pole modifications
  • Bike ring repairs / replacement on Rideau Street
  • Bench repairs / replacement on Rideau Street
  • Curb replacement at Besserer-Ogilvie Square
  • Bollard repairs / replacement on Rideau Street

Working together through construction [ PDF - 347 KB ]

The City is committed to working collaboratively and continuously with affected parties during the construction period. The City will:

  • notify residents of ongoing and upcoming work via an e-newsletter
  • keep lines of communication open between the City, its contractor, area institutions, businesses and community associations
  • make best efforts to schedule construction activities that work around special events and promotions
  • actively involve adjacent institutions, business associations, landowners, and residents in finding solutions to manage the project's construction period disruption

Contact information

For further information about this project and/or to submit comments, please contact:

City project manager:
Vipin Bansal , MBA, P.Eng.
Senior Engineer
City of Ottawa
Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 21276

Consultant project manager:
Mike Keating, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 613-691-1549

Thank you for your participation!