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Rideau Street and William Street renewal

Project Status: 

Rideau Street and William Street Renewal - FAQ

Q: What is the Rideau Street and William Street Renewal project?

A: This is the third and final phase of the Rideau Street and William Street Renewal project. Initiated in 2012, the first two phases focused on improvements between the Cummings Bridge in the east and Dalhousie Street in the west. The City of Ottawa is now preparing to complete the remaining section between Sussex Drive and Dalhousie Street. The project involves the renewal of the streetscape elements and an upgrade of the transportation components within the Rideau Street right of way.

This project also includes an overall renewal of the pedestrian portion of William Street, between George Street and Rideau Street.

Q: What is the end result going to look like?

A: Rideau Street is an important gateway into downtown Ottawa, and William Street provides a pedestrian-focused connection to the ByWard Market. The designs for both Rideau Street and William Street will:

  • Renew the street surface infrastructure
  • Improve cycling infrastructure
  • Increase pedestrian space to serve the needs of the LRT Confederation Line Rideau Station
  • Create a memorable experience for visitors
  • Add street greening
  • Be flexible and maintainable
  • Pursue a balance of functionality and aesthetics
  • Create an inviting and accessible place for everyone

The new design for Rideau Street and William Street is reflective of the historic nature of the area and will incorporate contemporary elements to ensure a timeless design.

More information, including the proposed design, can be found on

Q: What is the construction schedule?

A: Work on Rideau Street began in April 2020. The majority of the work is now complete. Rideau Street reopened to traffic, transit and cyclists in December 2020. 

Work on William Street began in September 2020. The majority of the work is now complete. William Street reopened to pedestrians in December 2020.

Installation of new streetlight poles, triple stream waste and recycling units, FX poles and catenary lighting will be completed in January and February of 2021. Minor landscaping and deficiency work will be completed in Spring 2021.

Q: What is the project budget?

A: The approved project budget is $13.5 million.

Q: Was the public consulted on this project?

A: The City endeavours to work with local residents, businesses, stakeholders and community groups throughout the construction project.

Public consultations took place in 2019, and were supplemented with meetings with various stakeholders, including the Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), property owners and business owners to share updates and discuss the project design. The City also launched a project webpage that outlines the vision and design options for Rideau Street and William Street.

These meetings and online engagement opportunities generated numerous comments, many of which helped to shape the final design of both Rideau Street and William Street.

Q: With construction work comes construction-related noise. What is the City doing to mitigate noise?

A: The contractor is permitted to operate within the parameters of the Noise By-law:

  • Monday-Saturday: Between 7 am and 10 pm
  • Sundays and holidays: Between 9 am and 10 pm

Any work outside of working hours will require an approved Noise By-law exemption and residents will be made aware in advance of the work.

The contractor will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to everyday life but, as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the work, such as delays when travelling around the construction zone, noise, dust and vibrations.

Q: Will utilities to nearby businesses and residents be impacted during the reconstruction? How will business and residents be notified when utilities (i.e. water, gas, electricity) are shut off?

A: During a construction project like this, there will be times where utilities, such as gas, water or electricity, will need to be interrupted. The project team will reach out to affected properties and will coordinate the best time to do so.

Q: Where can I find out more information about the project?

A: Our project webpage at is your go-to for background information about the project, current traffic impacts, notices, updates and more.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates about the project. To do so, visit the sign-up page and enter your name and email address, click the box on ‘Rideau-William Street renewal’ and subscribe! You will get an email to confirm your subscription.

Q: What’s the best way to contact the project team?

A: For inquiries related to the Rideau Street and William Street Renewal project, please contact the City’s Project Manager, Vipin Bansal at 613-580-2424, extension 21276 or by email. For any emergency outside normal working hours on weekdays and weekends, please call the City at 3-1-1.