St. Joseph Storm Pumping Station and Outfall

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Project status

Project overview

Project description

The City of Ottawa is undertaking a preliminary and detailed design for the decommissioning of the St. Joseph Pumping Station, rehabilitation of the pumping station outflow sewer, and installation of a new storm sewer from Forsey Street and Bruyere Street to the Cathcart Street and King Edward Avenue intersection.

The proposed work consists of the following:

  • The St. Joseph Storm Pumping Station has reached the end of its useful service life and is to be decommissioned;
  • The existing outfall pipe from the pumping station is to be rehabilitated via trenchless methods to minimize disturbance of the affected lands;
  • Approximately 440 metres of new storm sewer is to be installed from the existing storm sewer at Forsey Street and Bruyere Street to the storm sewer at Cathcart Street and King Edward Avenue intersection;
  • The new storm sewer is to be installed within the greenspace of City property, as much as is feasible, to minimize disturbance to the roadway and other infrastructure and utilities; and
  • Existing storm sewer service laterals from Forsey Street and Bruyere Street to the storm sewer at Cathcart Street and King Edward Avenue intersection are to be replaced to City property limits, as required.
A map showing the project limits on Cathcart Street between King Edward Avenue onto Rose Street to Bruyère Street and Bruyère Street to Forsey Street.

Project timing

Preliminary and detailed design: spring 2022 – spring 2023
Construction of storm sewer: summer 2023 – December 2023
Construction of pumping station works: summer 2024 – winter 2024

Construction is expected to start in 2023 and be phased over two (2) years, pending approvals including budget and overall construction coordination. The timing for the project will be confirmed closer to construction.


Project funds approved to date is $0.75 million.

Public engagement

An online public information session is expected to be held in early 2023, to present the design drawings to the public. At this time attendees will be able to review the design, ask questions and provide comment on the proposed works.


Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The City makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require a disability-related accommodation, please contact the project team listed below. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request.


The City of Ottawa, in its commitment to protecting people and the community, continues to work closely with the industry and to comply with recommendations provided by municipal, provincial and federal health officials, as well as the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

Contact information

For further information or to provide comments, please contact the City’s project manager:

City Project Manager
James Porter, P.Eng.
Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure and Water Services | Design & Construction – Municipal
100 Constellation Drive, 6th Floor West; Ottawa ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613-580-2424 ext. 30339

Consultant Project Manager
David Reid, P.Eng.
Robinson Consultants Inc.
350 Palladium Drive, Suite 210, Ottawa, ON, K2V 1A8
Tel: 613-592-6060 ext. 108

Planning and prepatory work (June 2022)

The City of Ottawa will undertake a geotechnical investigation in your neighbourhood. This investigation is required as part of the design to decommission the St. Joseph Pumping Station, rehabilitate the pumping station outflow sewer, and install a new storm sewer from Forsey Street and Bruyère Street to the Cathcart Street and King Edward Avenue intersection.

What: Work will involve both above ground surveying/cataloging and underground utility investigations.

Why: The work is being performed in preparation for the storm sewer construction works in Bordeleau Park and on Bruyère Street from Forsey Street to Rose Street, Rose Street from Bruyère Street to Cathcart Street and Cathcart Street from Rose Street to King Edward Avenue, scheduled to begin in summer 2023.

When: This work is expected to begin in July 2022, weather dependent. Soil sample containers may remain on-site for an additional three weeks, pending lab results prior to being removed.

Where: The work will take place at various locations within Bordeleau Park and the adjoining streets of Forsey Street, Bruyère Street, Rose Street and Cathcart Street.

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained Robinson Consultants Inc. and their sub consultants (Thurber Engineering Ltd., CIMA+, Clean Water Works Inc., Ruhland & Associates Ltd. and others) to complete the work.


Lane reductions and alternating traffic can be expected to accommodate the work.

Impact on the right of way and adjacent private properties

The underground investigation work will require the creation of holes into the road surface, which will be reinstated following the investigation. It is not anticipated that private properties will be impacted by this work.


You may notice noise during the underground investigation work. The City of Ottawa Noise By-law (2017-255) allows construction activity to occur weekdays between 7 am and 10 pm. On Saturdays, work is permitted between 7 am and 10 pm, while Sundays, statutory and public holidays work is permitted between 9 am and 10 pm.

Public information session

A public information session will be held ahead of the future construction works to provide project information to area businesses and residents. Scheduling details of the public information session will be provided to the area businesses and residents.