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Viewmount Drive Area Traffic Management Study

Project Status: 

Project Update – May 2018

The planning study for this project was completed in 2017 and was submitted to the City of Ottawa Infrastructure Services queue for detailed design.  Timing of construction will follow completion of the detailed design and once funding is confirmed.

Viewmount Drive Area Traffic Management Study

The City of Ottawa, is currently undertaking an Area Traffic Management Review (ATM) for Viewmount Drive between Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive West. The purpose of this review is to develop and evaluate design concepts which aim to improve conditions for all road users along the existing Viewmount corridor.

Study Area Map [ PDF 550 KB ]

Open House Display Boards [ PDF 6.366 MB ]

As We Heard It Report [ PDF 7.773 MB ]

Please continue to check this webpage or Councillor Rick Chiarelli's website at periodically for project materials and updates.

If you would like to be added to the project mailing list and / or more information about the project, please contact:

Justin Swan
City of Ottawa - Transportation Planning
Phone: (613) 580.2424 Ext. 21636


The purpose of the Viewmount Drive Area Traffic Management Study was to determine a plan to improve conditions for all road users by introducing supportive design features to the existing roadway between Meadowlands Drive West and Merivale Road. These features aim to encourage low speeds, more appropriate motorist behaviour, provide pedestrian links, and provide an improved environment for cycling.


Traffic calming along Viewmount Drive was recommended as part of the study initiated in 2016 per the request of the Crestview Meadowlands Residents Association. Plans were finalized in June 2017.

Through public consultation, City Transportation Planning staff collected feedback primarily through an online questionnaire posted on the City’s website between July 25, 2016 and October 3, 2016, but also by phone, email, and a public meeting which was held on October 26, 2017.

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings were also held consisting of representatives from the local community association (Crestview-Meadowlands), Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, Citizens for Safe Cycling, the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee, Meadowlands Public School, Ottawa Public Health, and local residents.

For more information on the consultation results, please review the As We Heard It report (previously circulated to the public mailing list and posted to the City’s website).


Physical Measures

  • Viewmount Drive / Oakridge Boulevard
    • Cycle-friendly “ride-over” bulb-out on northwest corner
    • Sidewalk segment between northwest corner and the existing community mailbox on Oakridge Boulevard west of Viewmount Drive
  • Viewmount Drive / Palsen Street
    • Cycle-friendly “ride-over” bulb-out on southeast corner
  • Viewmount Drive / Norice Street
    • Cycle-friendly “ride-over” bulb-out on northwest corner
  • Viewmount Drive between Fieldrow Street and Oakview Avenue
    • New sidewalk on the east side of the road
  • Viewmount Drive / Sullivan Avenue
    • Cycle-friendly “ride-over” bulb-out on southwest corner
  • Viewmount Drive between Glenmanor Drive (west intersection) and pedestrian path approximately 50m west of Glenmanor Drive (west intersection)
    • New sidewalk on the north side of the road (approximately 50m-60m segment extending westward from the east side of Glenmanor Drive / Viewmount Drive intersection to the pedestrian pathway)

Pavement Markings and Signage

  • Alternating on-street parking sides – on-street parking bays to be painted within the roadway on alternating sides of the road.  These parking bays will include a painted white line offset approximately 2.2m - 2.5m from the curb and painted goring areas at the “book ends” of the parking bays
    • Oakridge Boulevard to Palsen Street – east side
    • Palsen Street to Fieldrow Street – west side
    • Fieldrow Street to Oakview Avenue – no parking
    • Oakview Avenue to Sullivan Avenue – west side
    • Sullivan Avenue to Merivale Road – no parking
  • Cycling sharrow markings and “share the road” signage – between Meadowlands Drive West and Merivale Road
    • Sharrows to be placed along Viewmount Drive on the approach and egress of all intersections
    • Sharrows to be placed at a recommended 75m spacing
  • New yellow centreline marking to be painted along Viewmount Drive between Oakridge Boulevard and Sullivan Avenue to reflect the new centre of the travelled surface considering the new chicane effect created by the bulb-outs and alternating parking sides