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Woodroffe Avenue Multi-Use Pathway Extension

Project Status: 

Woodroffe Avenue Multi-Use Pathway Extension

Longfields Drive to Stoneway Drive

The City of Ottawa has initiated a functional planning study to extend the multi-use pedestrian and cycling facility along Woodroffe Avenue, between Longfields Drive and Stoneway Drive. The extension to this facility is identified within the Council-approved 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan.

The purpose of the project is to improve overall cycling and pedestrian connectivity by extending the pathway further in to the residential community. Along this segment of Woodroffe Avenue, there is a sidewalk on the west-side only, and for cyclists either a bike lane (southbound) or paved shoulder (northbound) adjacent to two vehicle lanes in either direction. The posted speed limit changes within this block and is 70km/hr for the southern section and 80km/hr for the northern section.

The approximate 400m extension of the multi-use pathway provides a better connection into the local community, particularly for residents in the nearby Longfields – Davidson Heights neighbourhoods.

The current functional planning study will review and evaluate alternative design options for the pathway. A recommended functional design concept will be identified based on technical feasibility, affordability and community input. The budget for this project is $180,000.

Residents are invited to review the available project information and drawings.

Woodroffe Avenue Multi-Use Pathway Extension Map [ PDF 2.181 MB ]

Project Timing

The project is currently in the functional planning study phase which should be completed by summer 2016. Detailed design will follow and a construction timeline will be identified.

Project Drawing

The plan view of the proposed Woodroffe Avenue multi-use pathway extension between Stoneway Drive and Longfields Drive can be seen in the provided drawings.

The drawings show a proposed multi-use pathway on the east side of Woodroffe Avenue. At the northern project limit, the proposed pathway connects to the Longfields intersection, where the existing pathway currently terminates. At the southern project limit, the proposed pathway would connect to Stoneway Drive.

At the southern limit, adjacent to the small commercial plaza, Woodroffe Avenue has an urban road cross-section and the pathway is proposed to be located behind the sidewalk that leads to the bus stop. Further to the north, there is a drainage ditch on the east side of the road; in this location the pathway is proposed to be located on the far side of the ditch for most of the length. However, at one location where an existing drainage culvert emerges, the pathway is proposed to revert closer to the roadway to avoid any conflict.

The multi-use pathway will be design in accordance with the City of Ottawa's accessible design standards.

For more information or to provide feedback about the project, please contact the City's project manager:
Sam Roberts
City of Ottawa
Transportation Planner – Cycling
Planning & Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Ave. West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1
613-580-2424 ext. 27910
Fax: 613-580-2578