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Zoning study on Residential Conversions

Project Status: 

Update - August 2015

Following a year-long study of the zoning rules around residential conversions, Ottawa City Council adopted By-law 2014-189 on April 23, 2014. This By-law, informally known as the Residential Conversions By-law, amended the Comprehensive Zoning By-law rules governing the conversion of residential use buildings so as to increase the number of principal dwelling units.

The main effect of 2014-189 was to eliminate the distinction between purpose-built buildings of a given number of dwelling units versus existing buildings that are modified or converted so as to contain more dwelling units. As a result of the zoning, a conversion that results in a Three-unit Dwelling or Low-rise Apartment Dwelling is required to meet the zoning requirements for the resulting use, and does not benefit from any special consideration by virtue of being a conversion.