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How do I change my My ServiceOttawa email address?

  1. Under "My Settings" select "General Settings".
  2. Enter your new email address in the 'New email address' field and in the 'Confirm new email address' field.
  3. Enter your existing password in the 'Current password' field.
  4. Select the 'Change' button.

Note: If you select on "Cancel", you will be redirected back to the General Settings page.

  1. You will be logged out and an email will be sent to your new email address for activation
  2. Select the 'Verify your Username' link in the email.
  3. You are taken to the 'Email Address Update' page.
  4. Enter the password associated with the account.
  5. You are then taken to the Home page where there is a notice that states: The email address has been successfully verified.
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