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Seniors’ supports and City-run long-term care homes

Isolated and/or vulnerable seniors

The information and resources below are provided by community agencies working to ensure seniors and other vulnerable people in Ottawa have access to supports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food resources, pharmacy delivery, transportation to medical appointments and wellness visits

If you need help to get food, groceries or meals delivered to your home, find a community agency near you. Some agencies are also offering pharmacy delivery, transportation to medical appointments, and wellness phone visits.

Wellness and protecting your mental health

The COVID-19 situation can be stressful for many of us including older people with mobility issues, and those over 70 who are told to self-isolate. Here are resources and things we can do to stay mentally well during these difficult times.

Know who to call for help

City-run long-term care homes

Older adults are especially vulnerable to serious and life-threatening complications from COVID-19. Staff are collaborating with public health agencies and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care to minimize the risk of COVID-19 among residents and to ensure everyone’s safety, including screening all visitors and staff.

Only staff and essential visitors are currently permitted in the homes. Essential visitors include family members visiting residents at end of life. Visitors or staff who may feel ill, have been in contact with anyone not feeling well, or have recently travelled outside Canada should not enter the homes.

Updates from provincial and municipal partners 

Our health care partners provide frequent updates to safety protocols in long-term care. Follow these resources to see the latest recommendations.

Ontario Ministries of Health and Long-term care

Ottawa Public Health