Report a serious occurrence to City’s Housing Services

Operators, service providers and housing providers (operators/providers) must report serious incidents that may impact a facility’s operations to the City’s Housing Services staff.

Types of incidents

A serious incident may include but is not limited to:

  • Disaster, such as fire, flood, extended power failure, or extreme weather damage to the building
  • Unexpected death of a service user
  • Serious Injury of a service user
  • A complaint made against a staff member involving allegations of assault, abuse, or mistreatment of any service user
  • A complaint made against a service user involving allegations of assault, abuse, or mistreatment
  • Missing person reported to police or may receive media coverage (out of the ordinary for the service user) or if the person is deemed high risk (cognitively impaired, dementia, risk of suicide/self-harm, medical risk, etc.)
  • Outbreak of a communicable or infectious disease(s) that results in a disruption of operations (e.g., quarantine)
  • Serious/unusual situations where the police are called regarding the actions of service users, staff, volunteers, or a visitor, that results in criminal charges being laid (e.g., assault, allegations of abuse, theft, no trespass order)
  • Any complaints concerning the operational, physical or safety standards of the facility considered a serious nature
  • Issues related to bed bugs, rodent or insect infestations that affect a significant portion of the facility

Reporting requirements

Reporting applies to programs provided in the community funded by the City’s Community and Social Services Department including:

  • Residential Service Homes
  • Supportive Housing Programs
  • Community Housing Programs
  • Emergency Shelters/Transitional Housing Programs
  • Services for people who are homeless and at risk of homelessness funded by the City
  • Other services

Operators/providers must follow reporting requirements related to their specific program as outlined in their service and corporate standards. 

  1. Provide verbal notification of the incident as soon as possible to the City’s designated program staff.
  2. Within 48 hours, complete a Serious Occurrence Report.
  3. Ensure that serious incidents such as fire, death, and/or critical injury and incidents covered by media are reported within 24 hours of the occurrence to the City.
  4. Inform appropriate parties (e.g., parent, Power of Attorney, emergency contact, etc.)
  • Detailed information on the incident such as date, time and action taken
  • Police report and file #, if one was filed


Complete the Serious Occurrence Report.

You will get an email confirmation from the City along with an e-version of the Serious Occurrence Report.

Keep a copy

Operator/provider must keep an electronic or hard copy of the Serious Occurrence Report:

  • Store in a centralized location.
  • If the incident involved a staff member or service user, the operator/provider must also keep a copy in the file for that staff person or service user.
  • Distribute copy to other required parties (police, other levels of government, funders, etc.).

Note - Submitting the form to the City does not absolve you from reporting the incident, as required to the appropriate authorities.

If unsure whether an incident should be reported, contact your City program staff to discuss.