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FEDCO City of Ottawa Anti-Racism Secretariat Presentation: June 2, 2020

FEDCO City of Ottawa Anti-Racism Secretariat Presentation: June 2, 2020


  • Anti-Racism Initiatives
    • Anti-Racism Secretariat
    • City Initiatives
  • Human Needs Task Force (HNTF) engagement and support of racialized communities
  • Next Steps

Anti-Racism Initiatives

Anti-Racism Secretariat

  • In November 2019 a proposal by Councillor King to establish an Anti-Racism Secretariat at the City of Ottawa was accepted and adopted in the City’s 2020 budget.
  • Budget approval included:
    • a full-time Anti-Racism Specialist position
    • an additional $100K in one-time operating budget to support the development of the Anti-Racism Secretariat and strategic actions
  • The Secretariat will target systemic racism by adopting an anti-racism and anti-discrimination against Indigenous people approach concerning the way the City develops policies, makes decisions, evaluates programs and monitors outcomes.
  • The hiring of the Anti-Racism Specialist commenced in February 2020. The competition was put on hold at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

City Initiatives

  • Creation of the Equity and Inclusion Handbook and Key Strategies including:
    • Reconciliation Action Plan,
    • Municipal Immigration Strategy,
    • Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee,
    • Older Adult Plan, and
    • The Women and Gender Equity Strategy.
  • Community Champion Network Table (CCNT) – The CCNT is a network of community members representing diverse communities who come together to discuss issues and provide feedback on diversity, inclusion and outreach initiatives from an intersectional and inclusive lens in support of the City of Ottawa Equity and Diversity Policy and the Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Plan.
  • Article Series - promote awareness about diverse communities and anti-racism

City Initiatives – Human Resources

  • 2nd Annual Career Showcase
  • Analysing staff demographic information to support a diverse workforce representation
  • Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group where held to gain input on how to better create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • The Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019-2024

City Initiatives – Engaging the Community

  • Youth Futures Program
    • Support youth to gain employment skills and prepare them for post-secondary education
  • Integrated Neighbourhood Services Team
    • VISION: To facilitate change so that all Ottawa residents have equal access to municipal services.
    • MISSION: Integrate services to remove barriers to access to programs and services in the City of Ottawa.

Human Needs Task Force (HNTF) Engagement and Support of Racialized Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The Outreach and Social Services Subgroup:
    • Wellness visits to Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhoods
    • Outreach campaign: over 500+ cultural associations, religious organizations, community agencies – phase 2 includes outreach to cultural media outlets
  • Translating resources into multiple languages
  • The Human Needs Task Force (HNTF) in partnership with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and Ottawa Police Services (OPS) are working to support anti-racism.
  • The Social Services Relief Fund
    • $3 million has been allocated to non-profit community organizations to address the persistent and immediate need of as-risk residents
  • COVID-19 Emergency Funding
    • An additional $155K in COVID-19 emergency funding was allocated to community organizations.
  • Development of internal resources to ensure an Equity Lens was used to respond to COVID-19
  • Collaboration with the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP)

Next Steps

Next Steps: Anti-Racism Secretariat

  • Hiring an Anti-Racism Specialist
    • The recruitment and selection process in underway and the role is scheduled to be filled over the next coming weeks.
  • Immediate Priorities
    • Research and communications in collaboration with key stakeholders on the impact of COVID-19 on racialized persons and communities in Ottawa.
  • Funding proposal to Canadian Heritage
    • Proposal for Anti-Racism Action Plan Funding was submitted in January 2020. A funding decision is expected in July 2020.