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Provincial and City rules

Update – October 25, 2021

  • Provincial masking regulations remain in place.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Capacity limits eased for select settings with proof of vaccination requirements

The Province of Ontario has eased capacity limits on those select public settings that require proof of double vaccinations and identification. For example, restaurants, meeting spaces and recreation centres and gyms can allow pre-pandemic and fire-code capacity levels.

As a result, the City has eased capacity limits for recreation and cultural drop-in activities.

Proof of Vaccination required for specific settings

Effective September 22, a proof of vaccination (showing two doses plus a minimum of 14 days) and identification will be required for the following public settings and indoor facilities – with some exceptions.

  • Restaurants and bars (excluding outdoor patios, accessing washroom facilities, and picking up takeout orders)
  • Sporting events – indoor and outdoor
  • Facilities used for sports and fitness activities and personal fitness training, such as gyms, fitness and recreational facilities with the exception of youth recreational sport for individuals between the ages of 12 and 17
  • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments
  • Concerts, music festivals, theatres and cinemas
  • Nightclubs (including outdoor areas of the establishment);
  • Meeting and event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention centres;
  • Racing venues – including horse racing

Enforcement reporting

Non-compliant business, service provider or event organizer

Any individual who wishes to report a business, event or location that, under the provincial regulations, requires proof of vaccination from patrons, but that is not screening and verifying vaccination receipts and photo identification should contact the City’s By-law and Regulatory Services.

Patrons refusing to show proof of vaccination and/or leave the premises

If a business or event experiences patrons or guests who refuse to show proper proof of vaccination, including refusal to the leave the premises, should contact the non-emergency Ottawa Police Service phone line at 613-236-1222.


Face masks

Masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces. You also need to wear a mask while on the O-Train, OC Transpo buses, taxis and private transportation vehicles. Full details can be found in the Province of Ontario's provincial masking regulations.

Wearing a mask helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and helps protect people who are around you.

Social gatherings

Indoor social gathering is now permitted for up to 25 people.

Outdoor gathering restrictions increased to 100 people. People must maintain two metres from others and wear a mask when physical distancing becomes difficult.

Screening requirements

Effective April 3, the person responsible for a business or organization that is open is required to:

  • post signs at all entrances to the premises of the business or organization, in a conspicuous location visible to the public, that inform individuals how to screen themselves for COVID-19 prior to entering the premises
  • actively screening every person who works at the business or organization before they enter the premises of the business or organization

Restaurants, bars, meeting and event spaces

Indoor dining

  • Proof of vaccination is required for all individuals who are 12 and older – with the exception of those accessing washroom facilities or picking up take-out orders.
  • Capacity limits and table spacing can resume to pre-pandemic levels.

Outdoor dining/ patio

  • Outdoor – capacity will be based on the ability to maintain two-metre distance between tables.

A name and phone number for contact tracing will be required for indoor and outdoor dining.

Nightclubs and related businesses

Nightclubs and other related businesses can operate with maximum of 250 people or 25 per cent capacity, whichever is less.

Proof of vaccination required.


For outdoor and indoor dining, patrons must remain seated at their tables unless they are exiting the location, leaving to use the washroom facilities, ordering or paying for their food and beverage. Masks must be worn when you are not seated.

Parks and sports fields

All outdoor recreation amenities are open, including

  • Basketball courts
  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Wading pools
  • Beach supervised swimming
  • Tennis and pickleball courts
  • Sports fields
  • Skate and bike parks
  • Golf courses
  • Splash pads


Sports, exercise classes and gyms


Outdoor and indoor sporting activities:

Outdoor and indoor and recreational league outdoor sports are now permitted, while following current restrictions and public-health measures.

  • Proof of double vaccination with identification is required. The exception is organized sports for youth between the ages of 12 and 17, including on ice sports, sport leagues, badminton, table tennis, tennis, ball hockey, martial arts, dance, basketball, swimming lessons, aquatic certification courses or volleyball.
  • However, this youth age group will require proof of vaccination for recreational swims, use of a cardio and weight room or attending an activity or sporting event as a spectator.


  • Indoor spectator limits can resume pre-pandemic levels. A proof of double vaccination with identification is required for all individuals who are 12 and older. Masks are required.
  • Outdoor spectator can resume pre-pandemic capacity levels, but a proof of double vaccination with identification is required for all individuals who are 12 and older. Masks are required.
  • Informal outdoor spectator events, without proof of vaccination screening, will be limited the provincial regulated limit of 100 people, while maintaining proper physical distancing.

Religious services, weddings and funerals

Indoor and outdoor religious services, rites and ceremonies including weddings and funerals can take place at a capacity that will enable all participants to maintain physical distancing of two metres.


For a comprehensive list of regulations around retail businesses, visit the province’s COVID-19 public health measures and restrictions web page.

The capacity limits for all retailers – both essential and non-essential – factors in the ratio between the area of the store’s floor space and the number of customers that can safely maintain physical distancing of two metres.

Personal care services

All personal care services can operate with capacity limits that can maintain proper physical distancing of two metres.

Masks must be worn by customers and staff providing the services. However, customers can temporarily remove their masks for specific tasks, such as facials or beard trimming.


Cinemas – indoor and outdoor – is permitted at normal capacity levels.

Proof of double vaccination with identification is required for individuals who are 12 and older.

Performing arts facilities

Indoor and outdoor concerts and performances can take place at normal capacities.

A proof of vaccination is required with identification for all individuals who are 12 and older.

Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments

Casino and bingo halls operate at normal capacity.

Proof of vaccination with identification is required.