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Intensification: A Sound Investment

The City of Ottawa is growing toward the future — a future in which we will be known as a city with pedestrian-friendly streets and neighbourhoods, where people don’t have to rely on their car, and where moving around the city is fast and easy. This also means intensification.

Although the idea can be controversial, intensification is part of a bigger picture: it is the way to grow for any major city. A denser, more pedestrian-friendly city:

  • Promotes neighbourhoods by bringing people back out on the street
  • Works hand-in-hand with transit services
  • Encourages ecologically friendly behavior
  • Is more fiscally sustainable.

The City’s new Transportation Master Plan calls for a significant investment in rapid transit. In order to maximize the benefits of the new system, urban development should be moving in the same direction. Ottawa is moving forward with this exciting new vision for this world-class city.

Watch this video to find out how LRT and intensification will change our city.

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