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Jim Tubman Chevrolet Rink

Rules of conduct

  • Follow instructions from City of Ottawa staff at all times.
  • Respect the rink skating schedule as posted.
  • Exit the surface during ice maintenance.
  • Children aged 10 and under must be actively supervised by someone 16+ years.
  • You are personally responsible for ensuring that you are fit to participate in physical activities. Take appropriate safety precautions if you have a condition affecting your ability to participate.
  • Respect all skill levels and all age groups.
  • It is highly recommended that all skaters wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet. They provide optimal protection from head injury during on-ice activities and are designed to provide multi-impact protection from multiple directions.

The following activities are not allowed and could result in immediate removal:

  • Rough play, speed and figure skating, and multiplayer games (i.e. tag and races), foul language or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Carrying children while on the ice surface (including baby carriers).
  • Smoking or loitering on the ice or near the facility.
  • Alcohol or drug use anywhere on City property.
  • No cross-checking or any behaviour that could result in injury.
  • Food and drinks on the ice surface.
  • Skating when the rink is closed.
  • The sale and distribution of any products or services anywhere in the park, unless authorized by the City.

Wheelchairs, strollers and skating aids:

  • Only E-Z gliders are permitted as an aid.
  • CSA-certified hockey helmets are highly recommended for wheelchair and stroller occupants.
  • Sand and salt must be removed from wheels prior to entering the rink.

The City of Ottawa does not accept responsibility for rink-related risks or injuries.