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Who is responsible for what?

Government roles

Reporting problems

As of Oct 17, 2018, smoking cannabis will be a legal activity. The Ottawa Police Service and By-law & Regulatory Services will not respond to complaints about the smell of cannabis smoke.

If you live in a multi-unit residential building, address cannabis odour issues with your landlord or condominium board.

The Ottawa Police Service will address issues related to:

  • Illegal sale, possession or distribution of cannabis
  • Home cultivation in excess of legal limits
  • Public intoxication
  • Impaired driving

Contact: 613-236-1222.

By-law & Regulatory Services will address issues related to:

  • Smoking or vaping of cannabis in prohibited places
  • Property standards issues related to home cultivation

Contact: 3-1-1

OC Transpo Special Constables will address issues related to cannabis possession and consumption on all public transit properties and vehicles.

Contact: 613-741-2478 or report online.

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is responsible for:

  • Regulating and licensing commercial cultivators, producers and processors
  • Regulating buying and selling
  • Establishing minimum legal age
  • Establishing possession and selling limits (30 grams)
  • Establishing limits for recreational home cultivation (four plants per household)
  • Establishing rules for cannabis-related marketing, advertisements, packaging and labelling, including restrictions applying to youth
  • Regulations pertaining use of cannabis for medical use, including production, distribution and access
  • Establishing a cannabis tracking system to control the quality and composition of cannabis products
  • Passing laws for crimes related to both recreational and medical cannabis, such as offences for illegal possession and selling to under-aged persons

Coming in 2019 - Rules for commercial sales of edible cannabis products.

Province of Ontario

The Province of Ontario is responsible for:

  • Establishing the Ontario Cannabis Store as the only legal source for cannabis beginning October 17, 2018
  • Establishing a framework for recreational cannabis retail stores in Ontario
  • Establishing that municipalities can opt-out of having recreational cannabis retail stores in their jurisdictions
  • Establishing 19 years as the legal age for possession and consumption in Ontario
  • Prohibiting consumption of recreational cannabis in public places and workplaces, boats and vehicles and only allowing it in private dwellings and adjacent yard and properties
  • Establishing rules for smoking and vaping in public
  • Aligning with the federal limit of 30 grams for the possession and sale of cannabis
  • Aligning with federal limit for recreational home cultivation (four plants per household)
  • Enacting impaired driving laws for cannabis, and creating other offences for illegal sales and possession

City of Ottawa

The City is responsible for:

  • Land use and zoning for commercial/medical production facilities
  • Enforcement of the Smoke Free Ontario Act 2017 and smoking provisions of various City by-laws
  • Deciding whether recreational cannabis retail stores will be allowed in Ottawa, once the provincial retail framework is established.
  • Prohibiting smoking in City workplaces, on City property, and in parks and beaches
  • Regulating use of water pipes
  • Enforcement of the Ontario Building Code
  • Enforcing property standards and maintenance requirements

Ottawa Police Service

The Ottawa Police Service enforces crimes related to cannabis, including:

  • Illegal possession, sale, distribution and consumption
  • Public intoxication
  • Impaired driving

Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health provides:

  • Information about health effects of cannabis use
  • Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines
  • Information for youth and young adults
  • Information for parents
  • Information for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Ottawa Fire Services

Ottawa Fire Services educates Ottawa residents about fire prevention, including:

  • Proper disposal of smoking materials
  • Prevention of kitchen fires
  • Prevention of electrical fires through unsafe use of extension cords
  • Fire Code compliance in buildings where cannabis is grown