Code of Conduct for Members of Advisory Committees (Appendix A) (By-law No. 2019-44)


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Appendix A - Code of Conduct for Members of Advisory Committees

The purpose of an Advisory Committee is to provide informed advice and guidance, as well as to facilitate public input to City Council, on programs and policies in support of Council’s priorities. In recognition of the impartial and objective expert advice that Standing Committees’ receive from Advisory Committees, as well as the challenges and inherent restrictions placed upon these same individuals in assessing and recommending various options in a conscientious and ethical manner, the following Code of Conduct is provided as a general standard for all Advisory Committee Members to ensure they are acting in a manner that is appropriate with regard to his or her Committee.

  1. Advisory Committee Members shall, when conducting Committee business, preparing written correspondence, interacting with media, Members of Council, staff or members of the public, act in a manner that accomplishes the following:
    1. Fulfils the mandate and mission statement of his or her Advisory Committee;
    2. Respects due process and the authority of the Chair, Vice-Chair or Presiding Officer;
    3. Demonstrates respect for all fellow Committee Members, Council, staff and the public regardless of cultural, or linguistic diversity and life circumstances;
    4. Respects and gives fair consideration to diverse and opposing viewpoints;
    5. Demonstrates due diligence in preparing for meetings, special occasions, or other Committee-related events;
    6. Demonstrates professionalism, transparency, accountability and timeliness in completing any tasks or projects undertaken by the Committee;
    7. Conforms with all relevant legislation, by-laws, policies and guidelines;
    8. Works in conjunction with the community;
    9. Contributes in a meaningful manner, offering constructive comments to Council, Standing Committees, staff and fellow Committee Members.
  2. A Member of an Advisory Committee shall not engage in political campaigning of any sort (municipally, provincially or federally) on behalf of the Advisory Committee or as a Member of an Advisory Committee.
  3. A Member of an Advisory Committee shall not:
    1. Engage in any business or transaction or have a financial or personal interest that is incompatible with the discharge of his or her official duties;
    2. Place them self in a position where s/he is under obligation to any person who might benefit from special consideration or favour on their part or who might seek in any way preferential treatment;
    3. Accord, in the performance of his or her official duties, preferential treatment to relatives or to organizations in which s/he or his or her relatives have an interest, financial or otherwise;
    4. Deal with an application to the City for a grant, award, contract or other benefit involving his or her spouse, live-in partner, child or parent;
    5. Place them self in a position where s/he could derive any direct or indirect benefit or interest from any matter about which they can influence decisions;
    6. Benefit from the use of information acquired during the course of his or her official duties which is not generally available to the public; or
    7. Accept gifts, hospitality, or entertainment that could reasonably be construed as being given in anticipation or recognition of special consideration by the Advisor or his or her respective Advisory Committee.
    1. Section 3 does not apply to the interests of a Member by reason of the Member belonging to a particular body which Council has expressly provided a designated seat on the Advisory Committee.
    2. In addition to Clause (a), it is understood that Members of the City’s Planning Advisory Committee are intentionally comprised of citizens from professional groups who interact regularly with the City’s planning process. Therefore, a Member’s interest that is industry-wide in nature does not constitute a breach of Section 3.
  4. A Member of an Advisory Committee shall disclose to the City Clerk or persons designated, immediately that s/he could be involved in either a real or perceived conflict of interest as prohibited by the Code and shall abide by any decision made by the City Clerk, or the designated person, with respect to such conflict of interest without recourse.
  5. Where an Advisory Committee Member believes or has been advised that s/he has or may have a conflict of interest in a particular matter, s/he shall:
    1. Prior to any consideration of the matter, disclose his or her interest and the general nature thereof;
    2. Leave the room for the duration of time that the matter is being considered;
    3. Not take part in the discussion of, or vote on any question or recommendation in respect of the matter; and
    4. Not attempt in any way whether before, during or after the meeting to influence the voting on any such question or recommendation.
  6. Should a Member of an Advisory Committee breach any of the clauses set out herein, the following actions may occur:
    1. An Advisory Committee may censure the member or recommend his or her removal to the relevant Standing Committee;
    2. A formal warning may be issued to the Member from the City Clerk; or
    3. Should subsequent breaches occur following the formal warning, the City Clerk may suspend the Member and recommend his or her removal to the relevant Standing Committee.
  7. This Code of Conduct does not apply to Advisory Committee Members that are also Members of City Council, as these Members are governed by the Code of Conduct for Members of Council.