Part 9 - Environmental Zones (Sections 183 and 184)


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EP-Environmental Protection Zone (Section 183 and 184)

Purpose of the Zone

The purpose of the EP-Environmental Protection Zone is to:

  1. recognize lands which are designated in the Official Plan as Significant wetlands, Natural Environment Areas and Urban Natural Features that contain important environmental resources which must be protected for ecological, educational and recreational reasons; (By-law 2012-334)
  2. permit only those uses which are compatible with and assist in the protection of the environmental attributes of these lands, or are in keeping with applicable Official Plan policies; and
  3. regulate development to minimize the impact of any buildings or structures within these environmental areas.

​Section 183

In the EP Zone:

Permitted Uses

  1. The following uses are permitted subject to:
    1. the provisions of subsection 183(2);    
      environmental preserve and education area
      forestry operation

Zone Provisions

  1. The zone provisions are set out in Table 183 below.
Table 183- EP Zone provisions
I Zoning Mechanisms II Detached Dwelling III Other Uses
(a) Minimum Lot Width (m) No minimum
(b) Minimum Lot Area (m2) No minimum
(c) Minimum Front Yard Setback (m) 10 No minimum
(d) Minimum Rear Yard Setback (m) 10
(e) Minimum Interior Side Yard Setback (m) 5
(f) Minimum Corner Side Yard Setback (m) 10
(g) Maximum Height (m) 11
(h) Maximum Lot Coverage (%) 15
  1. For other applicable provisions, see Part 2-General Provisions, Part 3-Specific Use Provisions and Part 4- Parking, Queuing and Loading Provisions.

Section 184 - EP Subzones

In the EP Zone, the following subzones apply:

EP1 Subzone

  1. In the EP1 Subzone, the following use is also permitted:
    utility installation, see Part 3, Section 91

EP2 Subzone

  1. In the EP2 Subzone,
    1. the following uses are also permitted:
      agricultural use, see Part 2, Section 62
      one detached dwelling on a lot fronting on a public street
      home-based business, see Part 5, Section 127
    2. the provisions of Table 183 applicable to a detached dwelling also apply to all agricultural use buildings and structures.

EP3 Subzone

  1. In the EP3 Subzone,
    1. the following uses are also permitted:
      one detached dwelling on a lot fronting on a public street
      home-based business, see Part 5, Section 127
    2. an accessory building or structure associated with a detached dwelling or a home-based business may be located no further than 60m from the detached dwelling. NOTE: Development in an EP zone or adjacent to an EP zone may be regulated under the Conservation Authorities Act, and, in addition to a building permit from the municipality under the Building Code Act, may require a permit from the Conservation Authority or other authority having jurisdiction over the regulated area.