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Event planning

Rural special event resources

If you’re planning a special event in your community, see all the resources below.

Planning an outdoor special event

The City’s Event Central division has an application process designed to help groups identify their needs and approvals required to ensure your outdoor special event runs smoothly.

Municipal alcohol policy

If you are planning an event that involves serving alcohol on municipal property, please refer to the City of Ottawa’s municipal alcohol policy.

The policy outlines the appropriate measures that must be taken by the sponsor hosting an event where alcohol is being served on city premises. The Your Planning Guide to Hosting an Event directs City staff and community partners through the booking process for these events.

Smart Serve® alcohol serving course

The Smart Serve® Ontario program has a responsible service training certificate program for anyone in the province who serves or works with alcohol. Certification courses can be completed online, or through a video training kit (also available in French) which is suitable for individual or group training.

Food premise regulations – farmers markets and community events

On June 15, 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Health stated that farmers markets, service clubs, religious organizations and fraternal organizations or any event open to the public can be exempt from the “rigid requirements of Regulation 562 (Food Premises)”.

Events such as potluck dinners, church suppers, community picnics and bake sales “will be protected by the overly-aggressive inspections from public health officials”. Public health inspectors will advise community groups on food safety.

Requirements for exempt groups

“When high-risk food is served at a special event that does not originate from a food premise that is inspected under the Food Premise Regulation, these organizations are now required to post a notice stating whether or not the facilities have been inspected by the local public health unit”.

Organizers are also required to keep a log of providers of high-risk foods to be given to the local public health inspector upon request. Foods generally considered high-risk are:

  • Those that contain raw eggs (i.e. custards, salads)
  • Dairy products (i.e. cakes made with whipped cream, cheese or synthetic cream fillings)
  • Meat, poultry and fish (i.e. fresh or processed meat, sausages)

Farmers markets are still required to follow the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA).

For more information, contact the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Certified food handler training

The Food Handler Certification program is an excellent opportunity for food handlers to learn how to prepare food safely.

Rentals and bookings

Rentals in rural communities

City Wide Allocations can provide you with information regarding the rental rates and booking information for the following:

  • Arenas,
  • parks,
  • sports fields,
  • ball diamonds,
  • rural halls and buildings

Please note: Some rural sports fields and ball diamonds are administered by local community associations and are not booked through City Wide Allocations. In some cases, rural community associations receive funding to maintain and run programs in city-owned buildings or halls within their communities.

Browse the facility page using the search tool. Find the location of interest for your event, or the one nearest to the field, park or ball diamond. There you will find the appropriate contact. 

More information and rates can be found on the Rental information page.

Community recreation associations and organizations

Rural Ottawa has a strong network of community associations for residents which include recreation opportunities and special events. 

For more recreation and community resources within the City of Ottawa, refer to the Partners and Community Organizations page.

Organization name Contact name(s) Phone number(s)
Beckett’s Landing Community Association Bill Adams 613-258-3087
Burritt's Rapids Community Hall Corporation Inge Van Gemeren 613-269-2850
Carlsbad Springs Community Association Contact n/a
Carsonby Recreation Association Peggy Eastman 613-489-2601
Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association Len Russel 613-832-1225
Corkery Community Association Katrine Woodward n/a
Country Club Village Community Association Denyse Mackenzie 613-253-0026
Cumberland Community Association Anda Bruinsma 613-805-5136
Dunrobin Community Association Greg Patacairk n/a
Dwyer Hill RV Park Homeowners Association Gail Rochon 613-257-3358
Emerald Links Estates Community Association n/a n/a
Fallowfield Community Association Contact n/a
First Line Community Association Wayne van de Graaff 613-692-0788
Fitzroy Harbour Community Association Karen Taylor 613-623-5241
Four Corners Community Association Heather Snipper 613-253-1227
Galetta Community Association David Jefferies 613-623-4846
Greater Ashton Community Association Stephen Lewis 613-257-2944
Greely Community Association Secretary 613-821-5844
Heron Lake Community Association Dave Western 613-838-5428
Huntley Community Association Peter Greene 613-839-2959
Kars Community Recreation Association Contact 613-489-2524
Kenmore Community Association Rob McKenny 613-821-4913
Kinburn Community Association Laurie Chauvin 613-832-2481
Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Anne Robinson 613-692-3934
Manotick Village and Community Association Irene Staron 613-850-7866
Marionville Citizens’ Committee François Marion 613-774-6312
Marlborough Recreation Association Darin Stephenson 613-601-3046
Metcalfe Community Recreation Association  Shari Rowan n/a
Metcalfe and District Citizen's Association Dal Broadhead n/a
Munster Community Association Gavin Payette n/a
Navan Community Association Fred Hyde n/a
Nicolls Island Community Association Ian Hawtrey 613-692-4528
North Gower Recreation Association Sara Charron 613-489-3975
North Gower and District Community Association n/a n/a
North West Goulbourn Community Association Colin Heard 613-836-1326
Osgoode Village Community Association Robert Boughner 613-223-6447
Ramsayville Community Association Mark Scharfe 613-822-0482
Richmond Village Association Contact n/a
Sarsfield Community Association Caroline Etter n/a
Vars Community Association Contact n/a
Vernon Community Association Contact n/a

If you would like to add your rural community/recreation association to this page, or update your information, please send an e-mail to

Public swimming and skating

The Parks, Recreation and Culture branch offers opportunities for public skating and swimming at the following rural locations. Drop-in schedules for skating and swimming are on the facility pages.

Rural public swimming (indoor pools)

Rural public skating schedules (arenas)

Community outdoor rink program

The City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation branch values the role that the community plays in the outdoor rink program. We encourage service partnerships with community associations, non-profit organizations, service clubs, volunteer groups and sports leagues. The City supports community groups that want to operate an outdoor rink with funding, tools and access to lighting and water. Rink sponsors are responsible for maintaining the ice surface and supervision of the program.

For more Information: Please contact the Seasonal Recreation Office at 613-580-2590 or e-mail

Riding Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) in Ottawa

The use of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road vehicles (ORVs) on public roads and other municipal property is regulated by the ATV, ORV and Snowmobile By-law. Riders should also be aware of and comply with provincial regulations including:

ATVs, ORVs and snowmobiles are only permitted on their designated trails during specific times of the year. Riders may need a permit from the local clubs to ride on these trails. Please contact the local snowmobile club or ATV club for more details.

Trails and forest access roads are often shared by other users including hunters, hikers, cyclists, dogwalkers and equestrians, as well as skiers and snowshoers in winter. They may also be used by wildlife! Respect other users, including wildlife.

Riding ATV/ORVs in Municipal Natural Areas

The only Municipal Natural Area within the City of Ottawa that permits ATV/ORV riding is the Marlborough Forest. This use is only permitted from September through December, when the gates are open, and riders must stay on the designated forest access roads . Riding in the Marlborough Forest is prohibited outside of the permitted/posted time period. ATV riding is also prohibited on trails that are not part of the forest access road network. Bypassing the gates is strictly prohibited.

“Mud bogging” and other off-trail riding is prohibited as it causes significant damage to wildlife habitats and natural vegetation.

Photo d’un chemin d’accès forestier barré dans la forêt de Marlborough. Lorsque les barrières sont fermées, il est interdit de circuler à VTT ou au moyen d’un véhicule hors route.
Photo d’un chemin d’accès forestier barré dans la forêt de Marlborough. Lorsque les barrières sont fermées, il est interdit de circuler à VTT ou au moyen d’un véhicule hors route.
Photo du début d’un sentier barré dans la forêt de Marlborough. L’affiche sur la barrière fermée indique que l’accès est interdit aux véhicules en tout temps.

For complete information, please refer to the ATV, ORV and Snowmobile By-law (By-law No. 2019-421).  To find out more safety tips, please visit Off-Road Safety.  

If you have questions or comments about the ATV trail network in Osgoode Ward, please contact the City of Ottawa at