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Property tax bills


Property owners will receive two property tax bills each year: 

  • The Interim tax bill which represents 50% of the previous year’s tax bill is payable on the third Thursday in March
  • The Final tax bill is the balance of the year’s taxes and is payable on the third Thursday in June.
  • Legislative requirements are to provide a minimum of 21 days notice from the date of mailing.


Supplemental or Omitted Tax Bills are issued 3 or 4 times per year.

  • Properties assessed for new construction or improvements by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will receive another tax bill for the current year and up to two preceding years. These tax bills, are issued within 90 days of receipt of data from MPAC and are payable in one instalment with 30 days notice.
  • Property owners receive a Notice of Assessment from MPAC in advance of these tax bills.
  • For more information, please refer to supplementary and omitted assessments.

Reminder Notices:

Reminder Notices are issued on all overdue accounts after each billing and at the end of the year.
A reminder notice fee may be applicable. 

2022 Interim Property Taxes

2022 Interim property tax bills are mailed out between February 17 and February 24 with a payment due date of Thursday, March 17, 2022

Accessible format

To receive an accessible format of these documents (electronic, large print or Braille), please contact the Revenue Services at 613-580-2444, (TTY: 613-580-2401), or revenue@ottawa.ca

2022 Final Property Taxes

2022 Final property tax bills are mailed out between May 19 and May 26 with a payment due date of Thursday, June 16, 2022. 

Accessible format

To receive an accessible format (e-text, large print or Braille) of your billing documents, please contact the Revenue Services at 613-580-2444, (TTY: 613-580-2401), or e-mail revenue@ottawa.ca


Effective January 1, 2022

Refund: $30
A fee applies when producing a refund to cover the cost of refunding credits to clients when credits are not the result of an error by the City.

Change of name: $47
If you have changed your name, recently purchased, or transferred title, there is a fee to cover the costs associated with making the changes to the tax roll. You will be billed separately from your tax bill.

New account: $75
If your property is new to the tax roll, you will incur a one-time fee to cover the costs associated with setting up your tax roll. This fee will be charged on your first tax bill.

Returned payment: $49
If your payment is refused or dishonoured by your financial institution you will be charged a returned payment fee for each account the payment was originally applied to.

Reminder notice: $8.60
All tax accounts issued a reminder notice will be charged a fee to cover the production, mailing and administration costs. Reminder notices are issued after the due date for each billing and at year’s end.

Payment distribution: $30
If a payment has to be transferred from one account to another, a fee applies. This fee will be waived if it is the first transfer request on the account. Subsequent requests will incur the applicable fee. If you have moved or you have more than one property tax account, you must ensure all your tax accounts have been individually set up for payments.

Online payment service:
The secure third-party payment service provider, Paymentus Corporation, charges a service fee for online payments using a credit card, Debit or Interac Online banking card. The service fee is applied at a rate of 1.99% for credit card and Debit card transactions, and a flat fee of $0.49 for Interac Online payments.

Tax Arrears Certificate: $73
There is a fee to purchase a Tax Arrears Certificate.

Additions to tax roll: $49
Water accounts left unpaid will be transferred to the corresponding property tax account and will incur an administrative fee.

Account history: $39/year
Duplicate bill: $39/year

Should you require a record of payment of your annual tax bill or require a duplicate statement for previous years, a fee applies for each year and property. Your request can be sent by mail to Revenue Services, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor, East Wing, Ottawa ON K2G 6J8. Be sure to indicate; property address, roll number, name and the year required. Forms are located at all City of Ottawa Client Service Centres where payment for service can be made in person.

Property Tax Deferral Application: $151
A non-refundable fee is charged to the tax account upon receipt of the initial application.

Property Tax Deferral Renewal Application: $53
A non-refundable fee is charged to the tax account for subsequent year applications.

Penalty and interest: 1.25% per month
Penalty and interest of 1.25% for late payment is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month until the account is paid.

For more information, please call Revenue Services at 613-580-2444 (Transactions will be recorded for training and verification purposes) (TTY 613-580-2401), or contact us by e-mail at revenue@ottawa.ca

Fees listed are subject to change.