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Bin there, done that

October 19, 2017
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You’re walking down the street, and you just took your last sip of a bottle of juice. There’s no blue box nearby. Do you: A) ditch it in the nearest garbage can; or B) hold on to it until you get home or pass a blue box.

If you’re ever on the fence, we can give you 250 million good reasons to choose option B. 

$250 million. That’s the conservative estimate of what a new landfill would cost. That’s considering just the cost to purchase the land. If you include operational costs, that number starts to climb fast.

The bare minimum cost of a new landfill could buy enough Starbucks lattes to fill 269 Olympic-size swimming pools.   

Ottawans are recycling more and more every year, but there’s still room for improvement. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity during Waste Reduction Week to make sure you’ve got the tools and know-how to help keep up the good work.   

Get organized

New in town? Moving? Check the Collection Calendar to confirm your collection schedule. You can also sign up for automatic weekly reminders via e-mail, telephone or Twitter.

Household items in and beside a cardboard box
Put your unwanted stuff at the curb on Give Away Weekend, then tour your neighbourhood to find hidden treasures.

Second life

Reusing everyday items is a great way to extend the life of the landfill. Whether you’re moving or just getting rid of some clutter, keep in mind:

  • For many of our city’s best up-cyclers, the Give Away Weekends offer countless opportunities to hunt down amazing freebies including furniture pieces, artwork and unique treasures. Taking place on Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22, residents are encouraged to unleash their purging powers and leave these items at the curb. Don’t forget to post your ‘FREE’ sign.
  • Gently used renovation supplies as well as old, broken appliances and electronics can be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. 
  • Gently used pots, pans, cutlery, dishes, clothes and appliances can be donated to the Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul.

Take out the guesswork

Not sure how to dispose of something? Use our Waste Explorer to find out which box or bin any item should go in or whether you should take it back to a store.

Many members of Ottawa’s business community have jumped at the chance to do their part by signing up as a Take It Back retailer. More than 500 businesses across the city are doing great work to encourage their clients to return unwanted or outdated electronics, household hazardous waste and automotive products to their stores, diverting waste from our landfills.

The month of October wraps up with the last Household Hazardous Waste depot in 2017. On October 28, residents are encouraged to bring any corrosive, flammable or poisonous waste to the Barrhaven Snow Dump Facility at Strandherd at Kennevale Drive. These types of wastes are the worst offenders for our waterways and landfills and should never be poured down the drain or put out with your regular garbage. 


For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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