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City to support North Grenville's green-bin program launch

September 15, 2020
Council Updates

The City could help North Grenville launch a green-bin program next year, saving both municipalities money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The City’s Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management today recommended Council authorize the City to partner with the township, which would let North Grenville leverage the City’s experience, preferred rates for green bins and capacity to process organic waste.

The proposed partnership would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting organic waste from private landfills and save the City between $80,000 and $160,000 per year by allowing it to divert additional leaf-and-yard waste to the Barnsdale composting facility, where it can be processed at a lower cost.

The partnership could lead to similar agreements with other municipalities or partner organizations.

The City delivered safe, high-quality drinking water and met provincial standards for drinking water management in 2019. The Committee received an annual update on Ottawa’s drinking water systems, which reports that the City continues to improve its drinking water management. Staff developed standard procedures to respond to potential harmful bacteria and the City will add food-grade phosphate to drinking water to prevent lead from pipes from dissolving into tap water.

Water from the Shadow Ridge communal well in Greely continues to be within safe drinking-water standards. While the concentration of nitrates in the well increased in recent years, it has levelled off slightly since 2017. The City is drilling two deeper wells to better serve the community.

Recommendations from today’s Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management meeting requiring Council approval will rise to Council on Wednesday, September 23.

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