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Committee approves plan to demolish rest of Magee House

October 9, 2018
Council Updates

The City’s Planning Committee today approved an application to demolish what remains of Magee House, a designated heritage property at 1119 Wellington Street West. The Hintonburg landmark partially collapsed in July.

Following the collapse, the City removed unsafe elements of the house. A follow-up engineering report recommended demolishing the rest of the building by late November because conservation cannot be carried out safely.

The approved recommendations require protecting and storing some of the original stone, to be incorporated in any future development of the site. A commemorative panel about Magee House would also be required.

The Committee approved a building to replace the heritage house demolished at 227 MacKay Street in New Edinburgh. City Council had granted approval in October 2017 to temporarily remove the house from its foundation. Council also approved an addition on the home, to be added after it was replaced on the new foundation.

The house was removed to the rear yard so work on the deteriorating foundation could be completed, but rather than relocating the house to the new foundation as required, the house was instead demolished, without the necessary heritage and demolition permits. The planned replacement house is identical to the design that Council approved in October 2017. The Committee directed City staff to petition the Province of Ontario to increase fines for those who contravene the Ontario Heritage Act.

The Committee also directed staff to review the City’s Parkland Dedication By-law. The by-law enables the City to collect land for parks, or cash-in-lieu of land for parks, when planning approval is required – but not in the absence of planning approval. Staff will review the by-law, in particular for developments where no planning approvals are required but where the use of the land is being intensified. Staff will return to the Planning Committee with recommendations by the end of 2019.

Items approved at today’s Planning Committee meeting will go to Council on Wednesday, October 10.

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