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Committee approves revised Community Funding program and municipal licensing for payday loan establishments

September 19, 2019
Council Updates

To better meet the needs of the non-profit sector and deliver services more effectively to those in need, the City’s Community and Protective Services Committee today approved a new framework for the Community Funding program. This program invests in non-profits to help equity seeking groups and Ottawa’s most vulnerable residents get equitable access to basic needs and services.

Under the new framework, there would be three funding streams that include long-term renewable funding to improve social infrastructure and provide operational funding, along with one-time funding to address emerging issues. The changes would take effect in January 2021. The Committee will consider the funding policy, eligibility criteria, a funding formula and the funding allocation process in early 2020.

Payday loan establishments could soon require municipal licenses. The Committee approved a municipal licensing regime, conditional on Council approval of proposed zoning amendments that would limit clustering of these establishments. In addition to the $550 annual licensing fee, establishments would need to display posters with financial and consumer protection information. Council will consider the licensing regime on Wednesday, September 25, at the same time it considers the proposed zoning changes.

Work on the City’s plan to enhance resident care, safety and quality of life in long-term care homes is well underway and should be completed next year. The Committee learned that staff have completed 69 of 84 action items on the Council-approved work plan. The City has hired additional staff, enhanced training, improved medication and auditing processes, increased volunteer recruitment, replaced essential equipment and updated technology.

The Committee also approved infrastructure standards for the City’s recreation facilities. New facilities and major renovations would follow these minimum standards from design to construction. The standards would inform the 10-year recreation infrastructure strategy, which the Committee will consider in fall 2020.

Items from today’s Committee meeting that require City Council approval will go to Council on Wednesday, September 25.

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