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Council approves additional infrastructure renewal projects

February 14, 2018
Council Updates

City Council today approved $10 million in additional infrastructure renewal projects, to be funded through Budget 2018.

The approved list of projects for tax-supported assets includes roads, sidewalks, multi-use pathways, parks and buildings across the city. The list is in addition to the projects identified in Budget 2018. The additional funding allocates $6.66 million to renew roads, $3 million to renew buildings and parks, and $340,000 to renew sidewalks and pathways.

Starting this year, property owners benefitting from a new berm and drainage improvements in Britannia Village will pay the community’s share of the project. Council approved a special tax levy for the community to pay $195,000 over 10 years. The berm, completed last year, helped protect the community during the 2017 flooding event.

Council approved Official Plan and zoning amendments that will allow limited future development in Rochester Field – a vacant property on the western edge of Westboro, owned by the National Capital Commission. Council amended the planning report, adding about four metres to the 15-metre open space gateway between Richmond Road and the greenspace. The amendment includes a minimum 7.5-metre setback on the western side of the site. The amendment permits a seventh floor for the eastern building on the site, with that additional floor set back five metres from Richmond Road. About 20 per cent of the site fronting onto Richmond Road will be developed as a traditional mainstreet and 80 per cent of the Rochester Field land will be preserved as a public park, protected under the City’s Official Plan.

A set of greenhouses between the villages of Metcalfe and Greely, at 5130 and 5208 Ramsayville Road, can now be converted into a medical marijuana facility following Council’s zoning approval. Working in phases, the operator will convert and retrofit the existing 51,000 square metres of greenhouse space to produce medical marijuana, and will eventually build another 9,000 square metres of greenhouse space. The plan for phase one is to convert 5,000 square metres and retrofit an existing accessory building to package and process the product.

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