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Council receives plan for four audits to start this year

May 12, 2021
Council Updates

Four new audits are slated to begin this year as outlined in an interim workplan that City Council received today from Auditor General Nathalie Gougeon. The plan includes audits of the competitive procurement process, grants and contributions, and prevention of workplace violence and harassment. The fourth, a pandemic response audit, will start only after the pandemic is in a controlled state.

Council also received reports on follow-ups to eight audits:

  • The 2011 audit of the Human Resources Master Plan
  • The 2015 audit of Information Technology Governance
  • The 2015 audit of Information Technology Risk Management
  • The 2015 audit of Information Technology Security Incident Handling and Response
  • The 2017 audit of Information Technology Remote Access
  • The 2017 audit of the Social Housing Registry
  • The 2017 audit of the Regulatory Framework for Light-Rail Transit
  • The 2018 review of the City’s Practices for the Procurement of Commercial Vehicles

Council approved modifications to improve the popular Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program, which provides cost-share grants of up to $15,000 per project to farmers and rural landowners to protect surface and groundwater quality. Council renewed the program for another five years and added wetland habitat restoration as an eligible project type.

The changes that Council approved will help prioritize specific erosion control projects. The grant structure for tile drain control projects will also change to increase cost sharing, and grant amounts for chemical or fuel storage projects, nutrient management planning and precision farming projects, and work on septic system repair or replacement will increase. Learn more about eligible projects and how to apply at

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