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A day in the life of Ottawa's Emergency Operations Centre

July 22, 2021
Feature Stories

The Champlain meeting room with desks, computers, plexiglass barriers and a dozen people sitting apart from each other

Even though the City is no longer in a State of Emergency, the Emergency Operations Centre still has work to do as the central coordination hub for vaccine mobilization in Ottawa. It has taken over the Champlain Room at City Hall, a location large enough to comply with health and safety measures such as physical distancing.

Eight women and one man stand distanced, wearing masks, outside Ottawa City Hall

Representatives from across the corporation worked virtually for the first half of the pandemic but some had to return to the physical workplace to support the vaccination roll-out in Ottawa. These are some members of the leadership team.

Tammy Rose, standing, and Catherine Bragg, seated, at a work station surrounded by plexiglass

Before COVID-19, Tammy Rose (standing) was director of Water Services. Catherine Bragg was a Planning Consultant with the Ottawa Public Library. Their skills have tackled new responsibilities in the Planning section of the EOC.

A white board with photos labelled: Mary Pitt, Richmond, West Carleton, Sawmill Creek and others

There are pop-ups, community clinics, mobile clinics. Vaccines coming in and vaccines going out. The EOC tracks it all.

Asha and Kevin discuss something on a computer screen

Asha Gajaria, standing, recently transitioned the role of Chief, Technology Section and Support, to Kevin Neil.

Ryan Perreault, Amanda Mullins and Melissa Lavery discuss in front of a white board


A small problem can be solved with a quick huddle. Here EOC Commanders Amanda Mullins (Centre) and Melissa Lavery confer with Ryan Perreault, Director of the City's Vaccination Taskforce.

Andres, wearing a mask, working at his computer

Andres Acero is a Supervisor with Ottawa Public Health and supports both the Planning and Operations sections of the EOC.

Four people sit facing a screen that shows a chart titled, in English: Priority Neighbourhoods - First Dose

Daily, there are multiple challenges that need multiple solutions, and everything had to be done at the same time. This means a lot of collaboration, a lot of discussion and a lot of debate.

Four people standing in a meeting room having a discussion

The mission each day is to get needles in arms for everyone. #CommunityImmunity.

Andrea, hands on hips, wearing a mask

Andrea Lanthier-Seymour is the EOC's Emergency Information Chief.

Marie-Claude Turcotte sits behind plexiglass working on two screens

Marie-Claude Turcotte is manager of the Immunization section at Ottawa Public Health, and Operations Section Chief in the EOC.

Five people meet in front of a large screen in the corner of the Champlain room

The view from the exit of the EOC. Everyone’s looking forward to walking out that final time which will signify another important milestone for our community, and a hopeful return to a “new normal”. Thanks to the efforts of City and Public Health staff, health workers, and all Ottawa residents, that day may be here soon.

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