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Five reasons to register for a fitness class

March 16, 2017
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There are many motivations to get healthy, strong and fit, and maybe ten times as many ways to get there. There are hundreds of fitness classes available at City of Ottawa facilities this spring and summer, and here are just a few reasons why you might want to check them out.

Woman doing pushups

1. Biking season

Most of us haven’t been on a bicycle since the snow started flying last fall. But you still have time to get into bike shape. There are cycling and Spinning® classes available at Ray Friel Centre, Nepean Sportsplex and the Goulbourn Recreation Complex.

2. A healthier you

Hey, we all want to improve our health to help us live better, live longer, and hopefully both.  

Group fitness classes – and there are more than one hundred for you to choose from –are designed with various components, such as cardio conditioning, strength training and stretching. With everything from boot camps and TRX classes to Nordic walking, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people with similar interests.

3. You’ve got rhythm

Bring out your inner dancerand get fit while participating in a high-energy Zumba® dance class. Caribbean Fit and Masala Bhangra are also options. The bottom line is you can get fit while getting your groove on!

4. You have parental instincts

There are pre-natal yoga classes and boot camps intended for soon to-be-moms and parents-with-babies.

5. Peace of mind

Mind and body classes are designed to relax, strengthen and engage your whole being, from the inside out. There are a variety of disciplines, including Qigong, tai chi,manypilates and yoga classes to choose from, and at least a dozen that combine yoga and pilates together.

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