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Have your say on the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund

January 24, 2018
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The City of Ottawa is asking residents to weigh-in on how to spend more than $450,000 in the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund. Residents can have their say by completing an online survey or by attending a public consultation session at City Hall.

The Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund Consultation Survey is available on from January 24 to February 16.

You have until Friday, February 2 to register online for a Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund Public Consultation session at City Hall taking place on Friday, February 16. Registration has closed for an earlier session at City Hall taking place on Tuesday, January 30.

Money in the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund is generated through a voluntary surcharge paid by private transportation companies (PTC), such as Uber Canada. The surcharge was implemented because many PTCs cannot currently accommodate persons who use mobility devices including power wheelchairs and scooters.

Money from the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund will be spent to support accessible transportation in the City of Ottawa. These programs and services may include:

  • accessible transportation services provided directly by wheelchair accessible vehicles such as OC Transpo, Para Transpo and taxis
  • City and community-based programs and services that support or enhance the ability of persons of all ages with physical disabilities who require the use of a mobility device to move around the city regardless of the mode(s) of transportation used

In order to receive funding from the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund, programs and services must also be:

  • accessible
  • safe
  • available
  • affordable
  • timely
  • sustainable

An information package that includes background, details and definitions of all these terms can be found on the public consultation page of

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