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Keeping people in the loop about physical distancing – literally

May 29, 2020
Feature Stories

Physical-distancing circles

Since the pandemic began, we have put in measures and information through various media platforms on how and why to practice physical distancing in our parks and beaches – keeping you and others safe from the spread of COVID-19. Well, in the grassy park areas at Mooney’s Bay, we are literally keeping everyone in the loop about physical distancing – with the painting of physical-distancing circles.

You may have seen on the news or social media about these physical-distancing circles used in parks in New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Now, they are in Ottawa – at Mooney’s Bay. The circles help people who are sitting and having a picnic at the park to remain at a safe two-metre distance from other park-goers. You simply enter an unoccupied circle, lay out your blanket or pop-up your lawn chair, and catch some rays or a nice breeze coming off the Rideau River.

It’s a great way to provide added safety to you, and not leave you wondering if the person behind or beside you is at a safe physical distance. Remember, when using the park or beach, always be mindful, respectful, and kind to other users. Be sure you respect the Provincial Order for no gatherings of more than five people, and be sure to not leave garbage behind.

It’s not your normal summer, but you can still enjoy the outdoors – while doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are all in this together.

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