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Meet 14 heroes from OC Transpo

June 8, 2018
Feature Stories

Every day, OC Transpo employees act as the eyes and ears of the community, watching out for anyone in trouble, or anyone causing trouble. It’s all part of the Transecure program, a community watch program on wheels. Every month, a story of exemplary action is selected. Sometimes the stories are so incredible, more than one is chosen. And sometimes there is more than one employee involved. Here are 14 employees who went above and beyond the call of duty to keep our community safe in 2017.

January – It was late morning on January 26, when off-duty Bus Operator Allan noticed an elderly man onboard the bus gasp for air before collapsing to the floor. Allan notified Bus Operator Nitin, who was driving the bus at the time, and Nitin immediately placed a call to the Transit Operations Control Centre for further assistance as he and Allan calmly assessed the situation. A doctor who was onboard came forward and began to perform chest compressions as they awaited the arrival of paramedics. A Transit Supervisor who was in the vicinity and had heard the call also rushed onboard, and upon seeing the man’s poor condition, ran to his vehicle to get a defibrillator. At that time, a Transit Special Constable also arrived, and together they performed CPR and used the defibrillator on the man until paramedics arrived and took over. The man was then transported to the Ottawa Heart Institute where he received further treatment. Thanks to Operators Allan and Nitin’s prompt and professional response when faced with a true medical emergency, the person in distress was taken care of calmly and safely.

February – On the evening of Sunday, February 5, Bus Operator Mahmoud saw a woman in distress at South Keys Station. Upon approaching her, he quickly recognized that she was in crisis and needed help. Mahmoud immediately called the Transit Operations Control Centre and, while waiting for additional resources, he assisted the woman onboard his bus where he made her feel safe and secure until help arrived shortly thereafter. Mahmoud demonstrated compassion and a true caring nature toward the woman in her time of need.

March – It was the evening of Saturday, March 18, while driving along Route 85, when Bus Operator Mukhtar was approached by a customer who had just been assaulted. As a result of the assault, the customer had a head injury that required immediate attention. Mukhtar acted quickly and called the Transit Operations Control Centre for support. Transit Special Constables happened to be nearby and quickly came to the aid of the customer and arrested the suspect. Mukhtar stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived on the scene. We applaud Mukhtar’s prompt and professional response when faced with a serious incident.

April – Bus Operator Corey was working on Route 95 on the afternoon of April 25, when he realized there was a child with special needs onboard his bus who had been separated from his group. The group had recently disembarked at Baseline Station, but the child had accidentally remained on the bus. Realizing what had happened, Corey stopped the bus at the next station. He then called the Transit Operations Control Centre to inform them of the situation and to ask for support. The Control Centre proceeded to send a Transit Special Constable to meet the bus. The Transit Special Constable was able to safely reunite the child with his group as a result of Corey’s keen sense of observation and quick action.

May – On May 6, Transit Operations Supervisor Shawn was out performing his regular duties when he was flagged down by two people near Lees Avenue and Chapel Street. They indicated that a man in the area was walking around with a knife and swinging it at people. Shawn located the suspect at the corner of King Edward and Mann avenues. He safely observed the suspect and then called the Transit Operations Control Centre, who then requested that the Ottawa Police Service attend the scene. Shawn was able to convey the suspect’s description and direction of travel to the Control Centre, who relayed the information to the Ottawa Police dispatch. Ottawa Police arrived quickly and arrested the suspect. Shawn helped to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation because of his quick thinking.

June – On June 13 at 11 am, Bus Operator Mohammad was at St-Laurent Station waiting to start his next scheduled trip when he noticed a woman fall and begin to have a seizure. Remaining calm, Mohammad immediately attended to the woman and tried to help stabilize her. He then called 9-1-1. Transit Special Constables arrived shortly thereafter and informed the Transit Operations Control Centre, who then dispatched a Transit Supervisor to the scene for additional support. Paramedics arrived a shortly after to take over and transport the woman to a hospital. Mohammad’s quick thinking and calm approach helped ensure the woman’s immediate health and safety.

July – Bus Operator Mike was driving Route 95 on the evening of July 7 when he noticed an unconscious male on the ground next to the Bayview Station bus shelter. Mike got out of his bus to check on the man’s well-being, and soon realized that the man needed medical help. Mike went back to his bus immediately and contacted the Transit Operations Control Centre for further assistance. Transit Special Constables, Ottawa Fire Services, and paramedics arrived soon after receiving the call. Mike remained calm and on location to help direct first responders to the man in distress and to provide any information. After being treated by paramedics, the man regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital. A potentially serious situation was avoided thanks to Mike’s intuition and prompt response.

July – On July 25, while on Route 11, Bus Operator Ron heard a customer onboard requesting help. Ron went to assess the situation and quickly realized it was a serious medical issue. The customer was going into anaphylactic shock. Ron and two other passengers onboard quickly sprung into action to provide assistance and ensure the customer was immediately transported to hospital. The woman’s serious medical emergency was treated thanks to Ron’s quick reaction and first aid knowledge.

August – On August 13, Bus Operator Manjinder was driving on Carling Avenue near Richmond Road when a passenger boarded the bus and informed him of an altercation that had taken place on another bus nearby. Manjinder asked the passenger for a description of the suspect and relayed the information to the Transit Operations Control Centre. The suspect’s description was passed on to the Transit Special Constables who were already en route to respond to the incident. Thanks to Manjinder’s attention to detail and quick thinking, vital information was received quickly, aiding in the capture of the suspect by Transit Special Constables.

September – On September 24 around 10:30 am, Bus Operator Mike was stationed near Confederation Square, about to begin his regular shift on Route 12, when he witnessed a young man in the distance fall and begin to have a seizure. The parents of the young man were with their son, but they evidently needed help. Mike immediately ran over, offered assistance, and quickly called the Transit Operations Control Centre for support. Remaining calm, Mike stayed on site with the young man and his parents until paramedics arrived on the scene. Thanks to Mike’s prompt and professional response when faced with a medical emergency, the young man in distress received the assistance he needed.

September – On the evening of September 26, while Bus Operator Denis was driving along Rideau Street on Route 18, a man boarded the bus with a two-year-old boy. Before the bus left the stop, a woman ran up to the bus door and told Denis not to leave as the man had taken the child without permission. Denis immediately notified the Transit Operations Control Centre to make them aware of the situation that was developing on his bus and to request assistance. The Control Centre quickly advised the Ottawa Police Service who confirmed they would attend to the call. Denis was able to keep the child safe and unharmed until Police arrived shortly thereafter. Following some negotiation with the Police, the man eventually relinquished the child to them. The male was subsequently arrested and charged. Thanks to Denis’ quick thinking and reactive nature, the child was kept safe and unharmed.

November – On the evening of November 2, Bus Operator Hayley was driving Route 131 on Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard when she came upon a six-year-old boy walking alone in the rain without a jacket. Concerned that the boy might be lost, Hayley pulled over and stopped her bus. She asked the boy if he was okay and brought him onboard the bus to keep him safe and out of the rain. Hayley proceeded to notify the Transit Operations Control Centre and, shortly after, Transit Special Constables and Ottawa Police arrived on the scene. It turned out that Ottawa Police had been looking for the young boy. They had been contacted after the boy decided to walk home on his own from the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Centre. Thanks to Hayley’s observation, action and caring nature, the Ottawa Police were able to reunite the boy with his parents.

December – In the early hours of Sunday, December 3, Bus Operator Saif was driving on Route 95 approaching St-Laurent Station, when a woman approached him stating that she was going through a difficult time. The woman admitted to Saif that she had attempted suicide earlier in the evening, and her arms had numerous cuts on them. Saif immediately notified the Transit Operations Control Centre for assistance, and aided the young woman by giving her bandages to stop the bleeding. A Transit Special Constable arrived soon after and provided further first aid support until an ambulance arrived on the scene. The woman was then transported by ambulance to a local hospital to receive further treatment. Thanks to Saif’s compassion and ability to react in a stressful situation, the woman received the assistance and care she needed.  

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