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Ottawa 2020 vision – Health

December 30, 2019
Feature Stories

Twenty resolutions for the year 2020

Five ways to get healthier in 2020:

  1. Get moving
    The City of Ottawa offers thousands of recreation programs for residents of all ages. There’s bound to be one nearby that interests you. The City also has 21 recreation facilities that offer three free visits so you can try out a class or a facility before you commit any money. Pick a facility that interests you then go in and ask for details. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences.
  2. Go outside
    Being active in nature feels great and can improve your physical and mental health all year round! Ottawa has thousands of kilometres of walking and cycling paths, and no shortage of parks, forest and architecture to enjoy while you use them. Check out the Natural Areas Map to choose your next scenic stroll.
  3. Change your eating habits
    Canada’s new food guide was released in 2019. What changes can you make this year to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, eat more often with others and cook at home more regularly? Registered Dietitians are available to help you meet your healthy-eating goals.
  4. Get your flu shot and other vaccinations
    Community influenza immunization clinics finish in December, but you can still make appointments until the end of February at Ottawa Public Health for families with children five years of age and younger. The flu shot is available to everyone else at medical clinics, and for those five years or older, at pharmacies throughout January and February. If there is a student in your life, make sure their immunizations are up to date as well. They need it to attend school.
  5. Quit smoking/vaping
    It’s time to start living smoke-free, and you know it. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are programs to help you. Update us on your progress so we can cheer you on.

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