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Pedestrian crossovers with flashing beacons

August 16, 2019
Feature Stories

Residents will notice flashing lights, known as beacons, at pedestrian crossovers at some multi-lane roundabouts in Ottawa. The beacons allow pedestrians to let oncoming traffic know they are about to cross.

Flashing beacons will enhance safety for pedestrians at the following roundabouts:

  • Palladium Drive and Campeau Drive
  • Mer-Bleue Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard
  • Trim Road and Dairy Drive
  • Trim Road and St. Joseph Boulevard

Pedestrian Crossover

Pedestrian crossovers are signed and have pavement markings as shown in the image above.

Here are some tips on how to use pedestrian crossovers with flashing beacons.

For pedestrians and cyclists

  • You must dismount and walk your bike across, if you are cycling.
  • You can be fined $85 for failing to dismount and walk your bike when crossing
  • You have the option to enhance driver awareness by making the beacon flash. Roundabouts have a two-stage crossing for each leg of the roundabout, so you will need to push the button on the median island as well.
  • You should indicate that you want to cross and ensure drivers see you before you step out
  • You should cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop and it is safe to do so

For drivers

  • You are required to yield to pedestrians at crossovers
  • You may only proceed through the crossover after all pedestrians have crossed fully
  • You can recognize pedestrian crossovers by the sign and pavement markings shown in the image above
  • Even if they do not activate the beacon you are required to stop for pedestrians at crossovers

You can be fined between $150 and $500, with three demerit points, for failing to yield at a crossover

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