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Precautionary Boil Water Advisory for users of the Carlsbad Trickle-Feed Water System has been lifted

March 24, 2016
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Ottawa – Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has lifted the precautionary boil water advisory issued on March 21. Water sample results indicate the water is safe for all consumption purposes. This advisory was issued due to a water system depressurization caused by a watermain break which affected approximately 650 users of the Carlsbad Trickle-Feed water system.

OPH and Drinking Water Services are recommending residents review the information contained in How to care for your water storage tank which provides information about the maintenance of user-owned holding tanks.

As part of their regular tank maintenance, we advise residents to disinfect their water storage tanks by adding unscented household bleach to their holding tank, waiting one hour and then running each tap in the house for at least a minute to flush out the household plumbing system.  A copy of this procedure is available at

Additional information is available by visiting or calling 3-1-1 or Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744. You can also connect with Ottawa Public Health on Facebook and Twitter (@ottawahealth).


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