Some images from the 2017 Fire Chief’s Commendation Awards

October 11, 2017
Feature Stories

Commendation awards recognize bravery by Ottawa residents whose actions saved lives, prevented injury and minimized the loss of property during emergency situations.

Ali Ballouck, Wayne Van Sickle and Sparky the Dog

New Canadian Ali Ballouck knew how to use a fire extinguisher when he needed it, thanks to the instruction of sponsor Wayne Van Sickle.


13-year-old Alex

Thirteen-year-old Alex acted quickly when faced with a life-threatening emergency.


In memoriam, Christopher Puerstil is honoured by his family and members of Ottawa Fire Services.


Rebeca and Jonatan

Rebeca and Jonatan acted quickly to prevent a kitchen fire from raging out of control.


Cheryl Maitz

Cheryl Matiz’s quick actions prevented a dangerous situation from getting worse.

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