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Archived - Starting today, you can use plastic bags in your green bin

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July 2, 2019
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Starting today, plastic bags are allowed to be used as a clean and easy bagging option for your food scraps and paper towel and tissues in the green bin.

If residents choose to use plastic bags to dispose of their organics, they are encouraged to reuse bags that may otherwise be thrown out, such as milk or bread bags.

Paper bags is another easy and tidy option

The plastic bag option is just one of many that are tailored to our residents’ comfort level and interest. Paper bags is another easy and tidy option

Other options include:

  • Newspaper linings in the bin and kitchen containers
  • Cereal boxes and milk cartons to contain food waste

The City encourages residents who are using these options to continue their current practices. Residents can explore all options and learn what type of organic materials go into the green bin at

Leaf and yard waste cannot be placed in any type of plastic bags including biodegradable/compostable bags. Please continue using paper yard waste bags, or an approved empty container, to dispose of your leaf and yard waste.

Need a new Green Bin?

For residents who have curbside collection but don’t have a green bin, go online to or call 3-1-1 and one will be delivered to your front door.

If you live in multi-res building that participates in the program but you don’t have a kitchen container, contact the City by going online to or calling 3-1-1. If your building does not participate in green bin recycling, encourage your property manager or condominium committee to join the green bin program.

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