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April 26, 2022
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Get the latest up-to-date information on the  motorcycle event page  on ottawa.ca.

*The City of Ottawa recognizes this weekend’s motorcycle event shares the same name as the destructive aerial bombardment operation during the Vietnam War. As a result, we will refer the event as the ‘motorcycle event.’

The City of Ottawa is providing support to ensure the Rolling Thunder event*, scheduled from Friday, April 29 to Saturday, April 30, exercises respect to the community, while they exercise their democratic right to conduct a rally, demonstration or protest. This includes enforcement of all by-laws regarding noise, litter, fireworks, parking and stopping.

Ticketing and towing

The City of Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services (BLRS) will have Officers out on the streets ensuring all parking regulations are observed by residents and visitors. All vehicles found failing to observe the no-stopping zones will be ticketed and towed.

Ensuring all other by-laws observed

In addition to parking violations, BLRS Officers will ensure all City of Ottawa by-laws are obeyed by residents and visitors:

  • No unnecessary motor-vehicle or other noise, including speakers
  • No public urination and defecation
  • No open air fires
  • No littering
  • No lighting and discharging fireworks

Tickets will be issued to any individual in violation of any City of Ottawa By-law. It’s important to note that fireworks are only permitted for use two times per year – Canada Day and Victoria Day and the day before and after those days.

Traffic impacts

The Ottawa Police Service and the City of Ottawa have created a motor-vehicle exclusion zone in the downtown area. (See map.) No motor vehicles involved in any event (rally, protest, demonstration) are permitted inside this zone. However, the roads are not closed. Residential and business traffic, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and public transit are permitted. The event may result in some temporary traffic delays.


Motor vehicle exclusion zone

Traffic updates

Residents can continue to check our online traffic map and the City of Ottawa’s traffic Twitter account for up-to-date information on traffic delays and disruptions due to the demonstrations.

OC Transpo updates

There are no changes planned to transit services. Stay up to date on the latest transit information by visiting octranspo.com/alerts, calling 613-560-5000 or following OC Transpo’s Twitter account.

City Hall

City Hall and its underground municipal parking facility will be closed to the public from 5 pm on Thursday, April 28 until 7 am on Monday, May 2.

Ottawa is a safe and inclusive city for everyone

The City of Ottawa is responsible for ensuring residents feel safe in their community. The City values a diversity of minds, perspectives and lived experiences and denounces any displays of hate and racism.

Events like this can affect everyone differently. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out and speak to someone. For mental health services and supports, please visit OttawaPublicHealth.ca/StressfulEvents.