OR 174 Major Mobility Impacts

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OR 174 Major Mobility Impacts

In 2021, the Stage 2 LRT team will undertake significant construction activities on the O-Train East extension in preparation for future tracks and stations in the centre median of Ottawa Road 174. To make room for the future guideway, highway ramp and lane closures will be required to accommodate construction activities. This involves overnight work and residents can expect noise and vibration.

Construction activities have been scheduled to minimize the duration and extent of impacts on all modes of transportation and the local community. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, commuter volumes remain higher between Monday and Friday. Should OR174 reductions occur on weekdays, significant congestion and detours for commuters and OC Transpo would occur over a longer period. Work completed over weekends is scheduled to impact fewer residents and help the Stage 2 East Extension Project continue to progress. For each closure, signed vehicle detours and portable variable message signs (PVMS) will be present. Pedestrian and cyclisting routes will be maintained.

In addition to motorists using detours, residents in proximity to the highway may expect some impacts during the weekend activities, including noise, vibrations as well as site lighting during night work. The Stage 2 team thanks all residents for their patience through this time as we work with East-West Connectors to complete the activities as quickly as possible.

Prior to overnight work starting, Noise By-law Exemption (NBLE) Permits are required for construction activities that are specific to the dates, location and type of work. Steps are taken to mitigate impacts to residents, including, but not limited to: advanced notifications, hard copy and/or electronic notices, and on-site strategies such as directing site lights to avoid households and use of broadband back up signals.

To date, two of twelve planned closures have been completed. Construction of the new OR174 lanes is expected to be completed by fall 2021. Once complete, crews will be able to begin construction in the median, including guideway work and station construction. As work progresses, the Stage 2 team will keep residents informed. Dates are subject to change. Sign up for the Stage 2 LRT newsletter to stay up to date on Stage 2 progress.

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NEW: OR 174 Speed Limit Reduced to 80 km/h

As Stage 2 construction continues on OR 174 to realign the highway, the speed limit will be reduced to 80 km/h between Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway and Trim Road. The new speed will be implemented today, July 30. Please slow down, and drive with caution through construction zones. Stay safe!

Map depicting new speed zones

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