Official Plan Amendment #180

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Official Plan Amendment #180

Growth Projections, Employment Lands and Agricultural Lands (LEAR) Review

This Official Plan Amendment forms part of the Comprehensive review  of the Official Plan undertaken in 2013 resulting in the adoption of Official Plan Amendment #150.  The purpose of Official Plan Amendment #180 is to implement the recommendations of three reviews requested by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The Employment Area review, the LEAR and Agricultural Resource Area review and the potential extension of the planning timeframe of the Official Plan to 2036. The OMB required these reviews to be completed prior to consideration of the exiting appeals to Official Plan Amendment #150 (OPA 150).

 Official Plan Amendment 180 was adopted by By-law 2017-19 on January 25, 2017 and modified and approved by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on the August 8, 2017. Parts of OPA 180 came into force on November 9, 2017 and form part of the Official Plan. This amendment is appealed. However, parts of this amendment came into force on November 8, 2017 when some appeals were withdrawn or scoped to specific matters.

What does the draft amendment address?

The topics addressed in this amendment:

Growth Projections:  The adopted changes will extend the timeframe of the Official Plan from 2031 to 2036. This change results in new projections for future population, households and employment, text changes to the plan and an assessment of the supply of land to meet anticipated housing and employment demand.   

 Employment Lands: Proposed changes include the conversion of excess urban employment lands to non-employment designations, the re-designation of Enterprise Areas, a new Rural Employment Area designation and amended policies and land use permissions.

Agricultural Land: Proposed changes result from an update to the Land Evaluation and Area Review (LEAR) system and recommend changes to the Agricultural Resource Area designation in some areas, along with updates to the terminology of the Official Plan to reflect the changes in the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement.

Official Plan Amendment #180

Official Amendment #180 is available on this site in the legal form adopted by Council. This document is available in English PDF only at this time but will be translated and formatted to be included with other Official Plan amendments when it comes into full force.

Official Plan Amendment #180 [ PDF 285 KB  ] is the legal document adopted by the City through By-law 2017-19 and modifies the policies of the existing Official Plan and amends Official Amendment 150. In some cases, changes originally proposed by OPA 150 may be repealed. Policies and schedules, which come into force on November 8, 2017, have already been incorporated into the online version of the City’s Official Plan.

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