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Court appearance information for remote hearings

How do I connect through Zoom or by phone for my court appearance

If you have recently received a summons or if your matter has previously been adjourned, you are required to appear by audioconference (by phone) or videoconferencing (by video on Zoom) on the date provided on your notice.

Do not attend court in person.

Provincial Offences Act tickets

Examples include speeding, careless driving, failing to surrender insurance card, red light camera tickets, by-law infractions, summons, etc. Consult the Provincial Offence (POA) ticket samples. This not for parking tickets.

  • Only attend on the date and time on your notice
  • For walk-in guilty plea appointments set by the Court, use the Zoom information provided on your notice
  • If you do not have a set date and time, your case will be not be heard. Consult the options to request a review or request a trial date.

Toll free option: dial the toll-free number (1-855-703-8985) to connect into the Court and follow the prompts to enter the Meeting ID and Passcode indicated below.


917 5347 9225 #

Passcode: 101

917 7571 4492 #

Passcode: 102

970 2999 3299 #

Passcode: 103

104 (WIG)
955 4776 6780 #

Passcode: 104


If you are having problems connecting, contact the court office by dialing 3-1-1 ( 613-580-2400) and press option #3
This page will regularly be updated as more options become available.

Hearings for summons  -  Part III POA tickets

If you receive a summons, you must attend court on the date and time recorded on the ticket. If you do not have a set date and time, your case will be not be heard. Consult the options to request a review or request a trial date.

Meeting room number / ID Zoom meeting link
917 7571 4492

What to expect during your virtual court proceeding

  • You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until you are admitted by the Clerk
  • Remain muted until you are addressed by the Court or you have been asked to speak
  • Joining the courtroom by telephone, pressing *6 will mute/unmute you
  • Do not put the call on hold or on speaker as this will cause disruption to the court proceedings
  • Adress the Court by saying your first and last name
  • Speak clearly and slowly to make sure everyone can hear you, unmute yourself before speaking and do not speak while others are speaking to avoid cross-talk
  • Refer to the Justice of the Peace as "Your Worship"
  • Wait for your case to be called as there may be multiple cases scheduled at once
  • Collect and organize all materials that you require during the proceedings such as a pen and paper, evidence and any other items needed
  • Avoid shuffling papers or making unnecessary noise as this can be distracting
  • Technical difficulties
    • struggling to see, hear or follow the hearing; by video, raise your hand by pressing the virtual hand button and by audio, press *9 to raise your hand
    • disconnected from the proceedings, immediately try to reconnect. Have the Meeting ID and Passcode nearby so that you can rejoin quickly.  If you are still having problems connecting, contact the court office at 3-1-1 ( 613-580-2400) and press option #3.
  • If court is on a recess or break, remain connected to the meeting or reconnect when the recess is over.  If you decide to disconnect from the proceedings, it is your responsibility to reconnect at the time given by the Justice of the Peace. Failure to reconnect can result in your matter proceeding in your absence.
  • Once your matter has been completed, you will be excused by the Justice of the Peace and you are able to leave the proceedings

What should I do If I miss my court date

If you missed your court date, immediately contact the court office by dialing 3-1-1 and press option #3 to inquire about your matter.