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Winter storm

Update - 9:30 am - Sunday January 19, 2020

The City is waking up to a beautiful winter morning. Since 4 pm yesterday afternoon, we have seen approximately 15 cm of snow. We anticipate another 2cm more of light flurries throughout the day. As our staff will be working around the clock today and tonight, we expect a good commute tomorrow morning.

Weather Update

Approximately 15 cm of snow is already on the ground. The snow is light and fluffy and we anticipate an additional 2 cm of snow could fall this morning.

How Are We Responding?

Our teams came in yesterday afternoon as soon as the first flakes started hitting the roads. They worked throughout the night to clear snow from priority and arterial roads, sidewalks and cycling networks.

Our teams will be working around the clock to clear our roads and sidewalks ahead of tomorrow’s commute. Work this morning will continue on priority and arterial roads and sidewalks. In some areas, residents may see echelon plowing, where our trucks work together in a Conga line formation to plow multi-lane roadways. When work like this is happening, it is critical that divers do not try to pass or enter between our working vehicles.

We will be completing a residential plow run today. Vehicles will start early to mid-morning and work throughout the day to clear residential roads and sidewalks. Residents are asked to please keep parked cars off the roadway to allow us to clear as much snow as possible.

Our operators and vehicles will be out all night finishing their residential runs, and ensuring any spots that require additional attention before the commute are addressed.

What Can Residents Expect Tomorrow?

Our snow clearing work will continue throughout the day and overnight hours and should allow for a good commute tomorrow morning. Work on bus stops will continue and residents can expect to see our teams out tomorrow continuing to clear and tidy up these areas.

Snow removal and casting operations will begin tomorrow. Residents can expect to see casting/snow blowing, in areas where there is available space to safely store snow along the City’s right of way. Snow removal will begin as well in areas where staff have identified little to no snow storage capacity. Examples of these areas include, but are not limited to, the City’s downtown core, BIAs and communities where staff have identified minimal to no storage capacity.

Residents who will be impacted by snow removal operations should look for signage in the snow banks indicating the removal times. Failure to remove your car during these times can result in your vehicle being towed and a fine being issued, so please observe and respect the signage.

How Can Residents Support Winter Operations?

  • Residents are asked to please keep parked cars off the roadways today and tonight. With this accumulation, we want to keep roads open and wide, and this is accomplished when we can get our vehicles close to the curb. Residential snow plow runs are starting early this morning, and we appreciate your support in keeping cars in the laneway and not on the street.
  • While you are out, please consider shoveling around your fire hydrant. A 1.5 m area around the hydrant is needed for our partners in Fire Services to gain access during a fire. Their ability to quickly access the hydrant is critical to keeping the community safe.
  • As you prepare to put your recycle and waste bins out for morning, please keep the bins in your driveway and off snowbanks and sidewalks. We cannot clear efficiently when the bins are falling into the road or impeding our sidewalk machines. A graphic demonstrating placement is attached for reference.
  • During an event like this one, it is not necessary to create a service request for snow clearing. Our staff will be out around the clock for the next couple of days clearing snow and addressing problem areas. Clearing concerns will be addressed through our regular operations. If you have not received services after 24 hours, please create an online request.

We really appreciate the support of residents who have been active partners in keeping our roads clear this winter by removing their parked cars and not pushing snow onto roads. It’s making a difference and we thank you!