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Winter storm

Update - 4:30 pm - Monday February 18, 2020

This morning provided a snowy start to the week. We saw snow, heavy at times, blanketing the City. We’ve seen up to 5 cm of snow fall to the ground. Our teams began responding immediately, and were clearing and salting priority and arterial roadways, sidewalks and the winter cycling network to support the morning commute.

What Can We Expect This Afternoon?

This afternoon, the snow changed to rain. Winds will pick up and we could see gusts as high as 45 km/hr throughout the late afternoon and evening hours. The winds combined with the rain could lead to icy conditions in some areas. Residents are reminded to drive to the conditions of the road, especially in open areas where the wind may have a greater impact.

Our team will be responding to the changing weather conditions. Our supervisors are out monitoring road and sidewalk conditions around the clock. As needed, operations will change from snow clearing to treatment of the road with salt or abrasives.

How Can Residents Support Winter Operations?

With rain predicted this afternoon, it’s always helpful when residents who are able to, clear their catch basins. Rain combined with melting snow could lead to water pooling in some areas. Open catch basins will allow water to run off the road, which should mean less ice as temperatures drop.

Again, due to gusting winds, some roadways may be slippery this evening. Residents are asked to drive to the conditions in their community. As our vehicles will be out working, we do ask that residents give our team space to do their job effectively.

Is there a Winter Weather Parking Ban tonight?

No. We are NOT enacting a winter weather parking ban at this time as the conditions do not warrant one.