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Spring and summer construction

Infrastructure investments

In 2019, Infrastructure Services will deliver approximately $500 million in growth and renewal projects, including:

  • $53 million to resurface and upgrade roads – approximately 150 kilometres of roads across the city
  • $17 million to replace culverts
  • $20 million to renew city bridges
  • $3 million to renew sidewalks and pathways
  • $19 million to renew sewage pumping stations
  • $42 million to renew and maintain buildings and parks
  • $57 million in total infrastructure growth projects
  • $109 million for integrated road-water-sewer reconstruction projects
  • $2.5 million for the accessibility program which provides for barrier removals to existing building and park assets

The City maintains nearly $42 billion in existing infrastructure, including:

  • 6,000 kilometres of roads
  • 650 bridges
  • 2,700 kilometres of sidewalks/pathways
  • 8,500 kilometres of watermains and sewers
  • 5,800 culverts
  • 1,000 buildings/facilities
  • 80 kilometres of Transitway and dedicated lanes
  • 636 playgrounds, 28 indoor/outdoor pools, 61 wading pools and 115 splash pads

There are approximately 500 active construction projects across the city including municipal roads, sewer and water, and buildings and parks projects.

Construction coordination:

  • The City and external agencies meet regularly to plan, organize and assess all capital construction taking place to reduce the risk of unmanaged conflicts with respect to mobility, including vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and City services.
  • The City takes every precaution to minimize interruptions to residents and businesses, including public involvement in the planning and implementation of projects.

To ensure quality of construction, the City:

  • Continuously reviews design and construction standards, including peer comparisons with other municipalities in Canada
  • Implements testing requirements in accordance with recognized construction specifications
  • Spends approximately $450,000 annually on asphalt testing
  • Implemented Vendor Performance Management as a mechanism to assess the vendor’s ability to meet project and contractual expectations
  • Always looks for opportunities and strategies to improve quality of built infrastructure

Kindness is a two-way street

Everyone should be treated with the same level of respect, kindness and consideration, including residents and workers. From garbage pick-up to infrastructure repair to paramedics and fire crews responding to emergencies, the use of heavy equipment is essential to how the City of Ottawa delivers its core services. The "Kindness is a two-way street" campaign highlights the importance of proactive communication to improve safety for all road for all users while balancing the importance of delivering city services, such as filling potholes, snow plowing, active construction, emergency vehicles and more.

The campaign will reinforce that mutual respect and kindness is a shared responsibility and key to safety. This means avoiding distractions, planning ahead and slowing down even when rushed.

Keep an eye out for various communications in 2019, including feature stories, social media posts, events and more.

Capital Construction Forecast – Online Map

The City of Ottawa has been working diligently to publish current and forecasted construction projects on

This new initiative, officially being launched today, will allow members of the public to search areas of interest on maps for planned infrastructure projects.

Construction update

Major City infrastructure projects

Please note that changes to these projects and timelines may apply.

Road resurfacing

The City’s road resurfacing program rehabilitates and improves the driving surfaces of Ottawa’s roadways. Localized repairs to both curbs and sidewalks, along with accessibility improvements and updates, are also part of the program.

This year, the City of Ottawa has budgeted approximately $53 million for roadway renewal and upgrading rural roads.

Here is a sample of the upcoming work expected in 2019:

  • Carling Avenue resurfacing between Grandview Road and Corkstown Road
  • Hunt Club:
    • Resurfacing between North Bowesville Road and Paul Anka Drive
    • Resurfacing between Albin Road and 275 metres east of Albion Road
  • Mitch Owens Road resurfacing between 300 metres east of Downey Road to Bank Street
  • Other roads for resurfacing include, Dunrobin Road, St. Joseph Boulevard, Carling Avenue, Airport Parkway, Hunt Club Road, River Road, Mitch Owens Road, Anderson Road, Barnsdale Road, Fallowfield Road

Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST)

Schedule: 2016 - 2020

Budget: $232.3 million

Elgin Street Renewal

Schedule: 2018-2020

Budget: Approximately $39 million

Flora Footbridge

Schedule: 2017-2019

Budget: Approximately $21 million

Harmer Avenue Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge

Schedule: 2018-2020

Budget: Approximately $13.5 million

Montreal Road Revitalization

Schedule: 2019-2021

Budget: Approximately $43 million

Kanata South Link

Schedule: 2019- 2020

Budget: Approximately $39 million

Bronson Avenue Reconstruction Project

Schedule: 2019

Budget: Approximately $13 million

Beechwood and Springfield Road

Schedule: 2019

Budget: Approximately $650,000

Albert Street

Schedule: pending the operation of Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Budget: Approximately $2.4 million

Stittsville Diversion Sewer

Schedule: 2019 – 2020

Budget: Approximately $20 million

Bay Street Cycling Track

Schedule: 2019 – 2020

Budget: Approximately $5 million

Jockvale Bridge Renewal

Schedule: 2019 – 2020

Budget: Approximately $2 million

Rideau Streetscaping

Schedule: pending the operation of Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Budget: Approximately $13.5 million

Delorme Pumping Station

Schedule: 2019-2020

Budget: Approximately $8.4 million

Traffic update

Please note that changes to these projects and timelines may apply.

Core area traffic impacts

A map showing the low, medium and high traffic impacts for the spring/summer of 2019 as a result of construction work within the core area of Ottawa.

Outer area traffic impacts

A map showing the low, medium and high traffic impacts for the spring/summer of 2019 as a result of construction work within the outer area of Ottawa.

Construction and infrastructure projects

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