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Westboro Beach on the Move

Project Summary

The City of Ottawa's Individualized Marketing Pilot Project (IMPP) took place between January 2013 and August 2014, and was designed to encourage the use of sustainable transportation options (walking, cycling, carpooling, public transit and car sharing) in and around the Westboro Beach neighbourhood. The directive to implement the pilot project arose from the 2011 Richmond Road / Westboro Transportation Management Implementation Plan (TMIP), and was confirmed in the City's 2012 Transportation Demand Management Strategy. The City of Ottawa retained EnviroCentre and UrbanTrans North America to develop and deliver the project, the first of its kind in Ottawa.

The planning and implementation of the project included consultation and collaboration with the Ward Councillor and the Westboro Beach Community Association, as well as the participation and support of various community stakeholders including:

  • Westboro Village Business Improvement Association
  • Ottawa Community Housing, Van Lang Tenants' Association, Metropole and Island Park Towers
  • OC Transpo & the National Capital Commission
  • Churchill Seniors Centre, the All Saints Anglican/First United Church & Bridgeport restaurant.

The pilot project – entitled Westboro Beach on the Move – took place over nineteen months and consisted of three main phases:

  1. The Baseline Survey and Segmentation phase, which identified baseline travel modes and segmented households into one of four groups based on their likelihood to use sustainable travel modes
  2. The Information and Motivation phase, which provided households with: targeted resources based on their interests, hand-delivered customized information kits, motivating email newsletters, and four transportation related community events
  3. The Evaluation phase, where a post-project survey was sent to each household and the data was then analyzed.

Phase 1: Baseline Survey and Segmentation

During the spring of 2013, the IM project team surveyed Westboro Beach neighbourhood residents on the modes of transportation they use in their daily life, how often they use sustainable transportation for all trips, and interest in receiving information about sustainable forms of transportation. The survey data was used as a baseline measurement of travel behaviour for study area residents for comparison against the post-program survey conducted at the end of the project.

The survey was conducted online with residents being offered incentives to encourage their participation. A total of 540 households responded to the pre-program survey out of an estimated household population of 1600, representing a 34 percent response rate. The analysis found that 49 percent of residents walk as a mode of transportation on a daily basis compared to 46 percent who say they drive alone on a daily basis. Of the trips respondents reported, 43 percent were conducted by driving alone.

Phase 2: Information and Motivation

From May 2013 to April 2014, the project team undertook a range of actions to reach out to those residents that were willing to use or currently using sustainable forms of transportation, provide them with the information they require to change their behaviour and then motivate them through incentives to actually make the change. This Phase included:

  • The development of the "Westboro Beach on the Move" project identity
  • An inventory of transportation informational materials, resources, and incentives available to Westboro Beach residents, and an analysis of the 'gaps' to determine additional materials that should be developed
  • The creation of customized "travel kits" with informational materials requested by residents through an online or paper order form
  • Promotion and personal deliveries of the "travel kits" to residents
  • A Community Transportation Fair to provide an opportunity for residents to ask transportation related questions, pick up "travel kits" and receive personal travel planning advice
  • Three events were held in March and April of 2014: an information session for older adults, a bike workshop and a walking tour

Phase 3: Evaluation

To help measure the impact of the project on travel behaviour, a post-program survey of Westboro Beach residents was conducted in the spring of 2014. A total of 456 households responded.

The survey data showed that the IMPP positively affected residents' use of sustainable transportation. Highlights include:

  • The data indicated that the drive-alone rate for all residents decreased from 43 per cent of trips to 39 per cent of trips, a nine percent reduction.
  • The drop in the drive-alone rate was associated with a 13 per cent increase in carpooling and a 29 per cent increase in cycling.

Extrapolating the survey results across the entire community, it is estimated that residents are traveling 246,000 fewer vehicle kilometres per year, which represents a reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions of 56,000 kilograms.

Project participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the project, and provided feedback on local infrastructure that would further facilitate sustainable transportation use. Stakeholders identified additional side-benefits of the pilot project, including community-building, health benefits, distribution of electronic transit fare cards and fostering collaboration.

The City of Ottawa will consider the results of the Pilot Project and the potential for implementing IM projects in other neighbourhoods as part of the next update to the Transportation Demand Management Strategy.

Robert Grimwood, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Transportation
Transportation - Strategic Planning Unit, Planning & Growth Management Department
110 Laurier Ave. West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
613-580-2424 ext. 28757

Westboro Beach on the Move - Overview

Welcome to Westboro Beach On The Move. This site helps you find information on local transportation options for your daily commute, running errands or visiting friends. Westboro Beach residents are conveniently located near fast and frequent bus services on the Transitway, the scenic Ottawa River Pathway for walking and cycling, as well as car sharing and bike sharing services. The resources on this page aim to help residents to make the most of these transportation options that get you to where you want to go, while saving time and money, decreasing congestion in your neighbourhood and keeping you fit and healthy!

Westboro Beach on the Move provides information about public transit, cycling, car sharing & carpooling, community mapping, and walking in the Westboro Beach community

Car Sharing and Carpooling

Need to drive? Increase your fuel efficiency and safety with these simple tips, including driving smoothly, minimizing idling, maintaining proper tire pressure and choosing less polluting car models.

Carpool to save even more on gas, qualify for a better parking spot and have extra time to eat, read, sleep or just chat! Carpooling from Westboro Beach to downtown, you could save over $300 per month on fuel, depreciation and parking, while improving air quality and the environment. How to start? Ottawa Ride Match is a free online ride-matching service that pairs up potential carpoolers based on your work hours and home and workplace locations. If you don't have a car you can simply sign up as a passenger.

Joining a car sharing organization can save your household over $7,000 a year on parking, insurance and maintenance costs. Car sharing can reduce the need to own a car, or be used as a great alternative to owning a second car. VRTUCAR members have access to 100 cars conveniently located throughout Ottawa. The nearest VRTUCAR locations for Westboro Beach residents are at:
• Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa parking lot (2026 Scott Street)
• Design First (corner of Richmond Road and Athlone Avenue)
• Mountain Equipment Co-op (366 Richmond Road)
• The Exchange (Richmond Road and Golden Avenue)

Local bus route #151 serves the Westboro Beach community


Just one bus can replace around 40 cars, significantly decreasing congestion on our roads. The Westboro Beach community is served by the Transitway for rapid bus access to and from downtown Ottawa, as well as local routes in the neighbourhood. Bus #97 on the Transitway is a direct and affordable way to reach the Ottawa International Airport. Blend fitness with distance, using Rack and Roll bike racks on select OC Transpo routes with these simple instructions.

Use the OC Transpo Quick Planner to plan your next bus trip - put in your start and end destinations, plus arrival time, to receive instant directions on which bus will get you there.

Save money on your bus trip by using the reloadable PRESTO fare card – and never worry about paper tickets again!

Families can enjoy walking to neighbourhood playgrounds 

Walking And Healthy Lifestyles

There are many great amenities within walking distance of the Westboro Beach neighbourhood – see the community map or Walk Score for local parks and a wide variety of stores and restaurants in Westboro Village. Take a step towards an active lifestyle with these great online tools for walking. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for adults recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity per week to receive multiple health benefits. By walking to work, you can enjoy the time to think and de-stress, while getting exercise to improve your cardiovascular health. If you live too far away, consider walking part way, biking, or inline skating as a faster option!

Keep fit throughout the year with the City of Ottawa's Recreation Guide. Dovercourt Recreation Centre offers programs for all ages, while local fitness classes for seniors are also available at Churchill Seniors Centre.

Westboro Beach bike parking


If you work downtown, you can escape the traffic and enjoy the Ottawa River Pathway as a scenic commute option for many months of the year. Get helpful tips on biking to work in Ottawa, plus, download a free toolkit from the Workplace Cycling Safety Project. A daily cycle commute of 15 minutes each way considerably reduces your risk of coronary heart disease, along with other health benefits.

Map out your ride using the Ottawa Cycling Map, or consider other sources of information such as the Ride The City online mapping tool.

Don't have a bike, or a place to store one? RightBike bike sharing hub offers access to their fleet of bikes for only $5 a day, with locations in Westboro, Wellington West and the Glebe. The nearest hub is at Mountain Equipment Co-op (366 Richmond Road). It's also convenient for when you need an extra bike to take friends and family for a ride.

For shorter trips, be it a business meeting or visiting the capital region's many museums, try the Capital BIXI bike sharing service in downtown Ottawa and Gatineau. 

Westboro Beach Community Transportation Fair 

Westboro Beach Community Transportation Fair, July 24, 2013.

About Westboro Beach on the Move

Westboro Beach On The Move is an innovative City of Ottawa pilot project, providing customized transportation information to Westboro Beach residents. The project has been developed with consultation and support from local community organizations.

Contact us for further information: 

Robert Grimwood
Transportation Planning
613-580-2424, ext. 28757