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Access to Building Permit Records

The City of Ottawa’s Access to Building Permit Records program (ABPR), allows general access to building and sign permit records, while ensuring that the access to the information requests respect the intent of the Copyright Act, without the necessity of a formal request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Through the ABPR program clients can also request copies of the permit application, permit, plans, inspection reports, occupancy permit, and outstanding orders.

Submission of Access to Building Permit Records Applications

Effective June 7, 2021, Building Code Service counters at Ben Franklin Place and City Hall will reopen for personal service by appointment only. This includes the submission of permit applications, payment of fees and the issuance of permits.

There are various methods for submitting applications.

Please note that payment must accompany all applications. Additional costs for photocopies may apply.

The City cannot guarantee that the information you are requesting will be located. Please note that fees are non-refundable. The Access to Building Permit Records program allows for the provision of copies of building permit plans to the current residential property owner for specific types of residential use buildings for maintenance or renovation purposes. Specific residential use building has been defined as a converted or purpose-built building comprised solely of low rise dwelling units and includes detached, linked detached, semi-detached, duplex, three-unit dwellings and townhouses.

The current residential property owner may assign a person as their "authorized agent" to act on their behalf to view and obtain copies of documents. The application form [ PDF 36 KB ] and the Authorized Agent form [ PDF 130 KB ] must be signed by the current residential property owner.

The person making the request for release of the building plans will be required to submit proof of ownership and copies will be stamped “Copyright Act may apply to use and reproduction”. The applicant will also be required to acknowledge that the intended use falls within the parameters of the Copyright Board’s standard of implied license, that there is an implied right to a copy of the building plans benefiting the current residential property owner for the purpose of maintenance or renovating their building.

Requests to obtain copies of building plans for all other uses (i.e. apartment, commercial, industrial, institutional, mixed-use buildings) will follow the established process and the person making the request must provide the City with the written consent of the copyright holder in order to obtain copies of building plans. For more information, please contact

View a detailed list of permits issued or a summary of permits issued by building type.

Who to contact: Building Code Client Service Centre or 3-1-1

Where to apply: Building Code Client Service Centre

Application Form: Access to Building Permit Records

Note: Effective August 1, 2017, payments can longer be made in cash for any services related to Building Code Services. Accepted methods of payment will be debit card, cheque, bank draft and money order made payable to the City of Ottawa.

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a complete list of the current fees associated with these reports.