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Development application review process

Development is a very broad term that encompasses activities that result in a change of land use or the construction or addition to a building(s) or to the creation of a parcel of land. Outlined in this section is a step-by-step guide through the development application review process.

Before beginning the Development Review Process with the City, we strongly encourage you to contact staff to receive information that could save you time and money as you proceed through the review process.

The Development Review Process includes:

  • Pre-application Consultation
  • Development Application Submission
  • Community and Agency Notification
  • Decisions
  • Post Approval

Although pre-application consultation is not mandatory for applications, the City strongly encourages applicants to contact staff to discuss their proposal prior to submitting a formal application. If you fail to consult with staff, the City cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of your application submission, that may result in processing delays. Discussing proposals with staff will also ensure that the applicant is aware of associated fees, technical requirements and processing information.

Please note that you are quite welcome to contact staff informally before fulfilling the City’s pre-application consultation requirements if you require further information or clarification, or if you are developing land for the first time.

Planning Committee and Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee