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Stage 2 LRT - O-Train East Extension - Winter Update

Winter 2023


The O-Train East Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project. The extension will add more than 12 km of new rail and five new stations from Blair Road to Trim Road. The network includes stations at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard, Orléans Boulevard (Convent Glen Station), Place d’Orléans and Trim Road. It also comprises four new bridges; six rehabilitated bridges; three pedestrian bridges; three major culverts; and noise walls on the north and south sides of Ottawa Road (OR) 174.

This notice provides an overview of upcoming activities between Blair Station to Trim Station. Solid progress on the project is being made, however, construction activities that may be expected to impact area residents include hours of work, noise from crews and equipment, traffic detours, site lighting, as well as pedestrian and vehicle mobility.

Residents should be aware that throughout 2023 there will continue to be nightwork across the alignment. A weekly summary of nightwork will also be shared at the outset of each week. If you would like to receive the weekly summary, please email dianna.ashworth1@ottawa.ca to be added to the distribution list. Notifications to affected residents will precede all impactful activities occurring after 10:00 p.m. for those who subscribe to the newsletter updates (Ottawa.ca/Stage2connect).


Guideway Work

During 2022, the east segment of the project transitioned from an infrastructure project, focused on widening the OR 174, building highway ramps and railway bridges, into a rail line. Crews completed the full civil engineering scope of the guideway construction, earthworks, drainage, overhead catenary system (OCS) foundations, sub-ballast, and ballast, and handed it over to the contractor responsible for installing track.

The first tracks were installed in April at Jeanne d’Arc Station, and by the end of the year 60% of the rail for the east extension had been installed, including a complete installation in both directions from Jeanne d’Arc Station to Blair Station, and from Trim Road to Tenth Line Road including direction fixation on the railway bridges at Montréal Station and the OR 174 Median Rail Bridge.

An overhead drone shot of the LRT alignment looking east of tenth line. Cars are visible on the highway on either side of the alignment
Pictured above: LRT guideway

The end of October also marked one of the biggest milestones to-date on the project, the tie-in to Stage 1 LRT at Blair Station.

An overhead drone shot of the connection between Stage 1 and 2 just east of Blair Station.
Pictured above: Tie-in to Stage 1 LRT at Blair Station

Where tracks had been fully installed, crews worked on “surfacing” the track, which is the process of pushing the ballast into place with specialized machinery, and “de-stressing” the track, which is the process of finding the optimal temperature and length of the steel rail, completing final welds, and locking the rail into place. This is an important step in maximizing the life of the rail and will continue in 2023.

350 Overhead Catenary System (OCS) foundations were installed in 2022 in the guideway across the east rail corridor. The foundations are situated at regularly spaced intervals. The OCS consists of overhead poles, arms, and cable troughs, which carry the overhead wires that connect to the train’s electric system. The electrical contractor was mobilized and installed the OCS poles in September, from Jeanne d’Arc Station west to Montréal Station, and started affixing the cantilevers (arms) to the poles at Jeanne D’Arc Station in December.

An overhead drone shot of the OCS poles along the guideway east of the Sir George Etienne Parkway approaching Jeanne d'Arc. Cars are visible driving on the highway on either side of the alignment
Pictured above: OCS poles, east of Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway

Guideway work during the winter months will be focused on the station areas, including the installation of the remaining OCS foundations, and drainage, within the LRT stations themselves, at Jeanne d’Arc, Convent Glen and Place d’Orléans. OCS pole installation, from Trim Road to Tenth Line Road, is also tentatively scheduled for the winter months. Guideway work will resume in earnest in the spring when track will be completely installed and the electoral subcontractor will start pulling train control and communications cables in the guideway.

Pedestrian Bridges

A new pedestrian bridge at Green’s Creek was successfully installed in June 2022. The bridge is expected to be opened to pedestrians and cyclists in 2023, with connections to pathways on either side of the of the bridge.

A photo of Green's Creek Pedestrian Bridge, spanning the middle third of the photo, horizontally. Houses along the highway are visible through the trees in the background
Pictured above: Green’s Creek pedestrian bridge

Two additional pedestrian bridges at Place d’Orléans Station and at Trim Station were installed in 2022. These will provide a connection from the fare paid entrance on the south side of OR 174 to the LRT platform in the center median.

In 2023, foundations, columns and pier caps will be constructed for an additional, future pedestrian bridge at Trim Station, from the north of OR 174 to the LRT platform. The construction on the foundations will reduce the impacts to traffic once the future extension is finalized.

A photo from the ground of Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre, looking west towards the white metal pedestrian bridge that has been installed from Place d'Orleans to the LRT Station in the median of the OR174
Pictured above: Place d’Orleans pedestrian bridge
A photo from ground level, showing the white metal pedestrian bridge at Trim Road, spanning from the Park and Ride south of the highway to the median where the station is located. Black metal framework can be seen at both ends of the bridge, and snow is on the ground
Pictured above: Trim pedestrian bridge
Noise Walls

As part of the Stage 2 LRT Project, noise walls are being installed along sections of the OR 174 to respond to historical concerns from the community about traffic noise. Noise walls are constructed in several stages; first by building an earth berm and drainage trenches, then drilling support posts and installing pre-cast panels; finally, shaping and landscaping the earth berms.

Installation of noise walls typically occur toward the end of a highway construction project. However, in response to community concerns over construction noise they were advanced further ahead in the project scope and began in 2021. Much work continued in 2022, and significant progress was made, focused primarily on the noise walls on the north side of OR 174.

By the end of 2022, noise walls west of Montréal Road, between Orléans Boulevard and Bilberry Creek and between Champlain Street and Tenth Line Road were complete. The noise wall between Orléans Boulevard and Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard is complete, except for the extension further west up the Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard off-ramp that has been added to the scope. This extension is planned for 2023.

an aerial photo of the noise wall between Orleans Boulevard and Bilberry Creek. The highway is visible on the right side of the photo, with the grey sound wall in the centre. The tops of houses can be seen on the left side of the photo running parallel to the sound wall. Snow is visible on the ground.
Pictured above: Noise wall between Orléans Boulevard and Bilberry Creek

Construction of the noise wall between Bilberry Creek and the OC Transpo Park & Ride has proven to be particularly difficult due to dense rock and very limited site access for construction crews. Installation of the poles and structure for the noise wall took more time than anticipated due to issues drilling into the existing rock. By the end of 2022 crews had completed the installation of all the poles/frame of the wall and will work to finish the retaining wall in the new year. Once the retaining wall is complete, the noise wall panels will be inserted, and the wall finished.

On the south side of OR 174, noise wall activities in 2022 focused on preparatory work, including surveys. Work on the noise walls, between Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard and Orléans Boulevard, Orléans Boulevard and Stoneboat Crescent, and OR 174 at Terra Nova Estates are expected to continue in 2023.

In winter 2023, earthworks activities, including shaping of berms around noisewalls will occur.


2022 was a very important year for the stations team with big milestones met. Overall, 13 of 17 station sites on the entire Stage 2 east and west extensions have been started, with construction well-underway.

Construction at five stations on the east segment, Montréal Station, Jeanne d’Arc Station, Convent Glen Station, Place d’Orléans Station, and Trim Station, progressed well and are on-schedule to be completed in 2023.

Activities that will take place at stations in 2023, in addition to finishing works within the stations themselves, include the installation of station noise walls, installation of traction power substations (TPSS) and the construction of a bus operator building at Place d’Orléans Station.

System commissioning will then begin to stay on track for substantial completion of the east extension by the end of 2024.

Montréal Station
an aerial photo of Montreal Station, located in the median of the OR174 which runs from the bottom left of the photo to the top right. Three steel structures are visible on the platform of the station.
Pictured above: Montréal Station
Jeanne d'Arc Station
an elevated photo of the structure of Jeanne d'Arc Station, located in the median of the OR174. The station consists of structural steel and poured concrete pads, with construction cones and tarps covering sections.
Pictured above: Jeanne d’Arc Station, west side
Convent Glen Station
An aerial photo of Convent Glen Station, located in the median of the OR174 just east of Orleans Boulevard. The Orleans Boulevard overpass runs from the bottom left corner of the photo to the top centre. the Highway is seen running horizontally in the middle of the photo from the left to right
Pictured above: Convent Glen Station
Place d’Orléans Station
An overhead drone shot looking east at Place d'Orleans Station in the middle of the OR174. The new pedestrian bridge is visible running horizontally at the top of the photo.
Pictured above: Place d’Orléans Station
Trim Station
An overhead drone shot of Trim Station, which is in the middle of the photo. The piers for the pedestrian bridge are visible in the station site. The station structure consists largely of poured concrete walls.
Pictured above: Trim station (south side); pedestrian bridge pier in median


Please stay tuned for road and ramp closures and updates by checking out the City of Ottawa’s traffic impact page - https://ottawa.ca/en/parking-roads-and-travel/traffic-services/upcoming-major-traffic-impacts-ottawa


Daytime hours of construction are Monday to Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday and on Statutory Holidays. However, there will be requirements for overnight and weekend work, where permitted. Night work is needed to accommodate work that cannot be done during the day (i.e. work that will have significant traffic impacts) or for works that are required to meet the schedule on this large and complex project.

Site lighting for overnight work will be required. Crews will place and/or direct the light to mitigate impact on residents.

Noise and vibration from crews and heavy equipment can be expected. Trucks use approved haul routes and workers and contractors park in designated parking areas. Snow clearing (including designated MUPs, pathways, and pedestrian bridges), street sweeping and cleaning will be ongoing along truck routes and around construction zones.

During roadwork activities, motorists should expect lane reductions and closures. Traffic impacts are communicated to the public by the City of Ottawa. Motorists must adhere to detours, traffic control signage, and posted speed limits, and should allow for added travel time when moving through active construction corridors.

All pedestrian, cycling, bus, and vehicular movements will generally be maintained during construction, with some detours. Pedestrians and cyclists should use extra caution when localized detours are in place and adhere to all posted signage, when travelling to ensure safety, as patterns may have changed.

The City of Ottawa thanks residents for their patience as we work to complete these construction activities.


Accessibility is an important consideration for the Stage 2 LRT project. The Stage 2 team makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require disability-related accommodation, please contact stage2@ottawa.ca.

The safety of the public and workers is paramount, and we thank you for your patience during construction. The construction work outlined in this notice is subject to change. Work may be delayed or extended due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Note: this notice is only distributed electronically. To ensure you receive Stage 2 LRT updates, please click this link to sign-up. If you require a printed Notice, please email dianna.ashworth1@ottawa.ca


Stage 2 LRT Comms team is preparing for a virtual public meeting that will be held on Tuesday 17, January 2023 at 7pm.

The public meeting will cover:

  • Connectivity updates
  • Station updates
  • Noise wall updates
  • Communication resources


Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85121883629?pwd=RXJ0bThtMm5jeUF5SWlzcGtjbmpRZz09 Passcode: 789523


Work will be ongoing in these areas. Construction updates, including changes to work sequencing and duration or impact of this work will be communicated via the Stage 2 project e-newsletter.

To receive electronic updates, Public Notices, and Lookaheads please sign up at Ottawa.ca/Stage2connect and select updates for “Montréal Station, Jeanne d’Arc Station, Convent Glen Station, Place d’Orléans Station, and/or Trim Station”.

To connect on Instagram: @stage2etape2.

For other accommodations, or any questions, please contact:

Dianna Ashworth

Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program, City of Ottawa